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Numerically the strongest class in speedway racing today, stockcars are the big hitters of the business and the solid front and rear bumpers, plus solid side rails are a giveaway that these cars are built for contact racing. The steel work is all part of a tubular constructed chassis which houses an engine of up to 241.6 cubic inches capacity, often a variety of hybrid mechanical equipment, and invariably a range of imported race equipment to produce a car with a maximum weight of 1500kg. With engines producing up to 400-hourse power, capable of speeds up to 150kph, these are extremely hi-tech dodgem cars and when they make contact, despite an extremely high standard of safety required, they are not for the faint at heart. The racing rules prohibit dangerous driving, such as using the grass to attack an opponent or hitting a stationary car, but contact is permitted and makes stockcars the most popular form of motorsport in New Zealand.

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