A meeting was held last night at the clubrooms with the working party assisting the 2 remaining committee members to continue with the advances made last Saturday after the resignation of the President, Secretary, and the Treasurer. After a couple of days of telephones running hot and everybody involved in this change receiving advice from all quarters it was decided to let things settle down before looking towards changing the management structure of the club.

After taking legal advice over the Rules and Regulations of the Club Constitution, we are ensuring that everything being decided and tabled with the committee fits firstly within these rules and secondly that is fair to the members. The structure of the working party is such that fairness and balance are our first concern. With the turbulence of the past 18 months now behind us, the only positive way is forward.

The Foster contract details are now completed to the satisfaction of all involved, and this paves the way for an agreement to now be struck with the main naming sponsor for the season. This will give the club a major cash injection that is most welcome at this time. Further details will follow once this agreement is settled in a few days.

The catering contract has also been signed off and a large advance will be received today. The caterers will be making major improvements to several facilities around the park as part of their long term deal. Visitors to the park this season will see another marked improvement in both food and facilities.

There will be a working bee held this weekend and many hands are needed, along with tools, shovels etc. It is now time to pitch in and help us put the finishing touches to the long list of jobs started by the dedicated few that have been there nearly every week.

We will shortly hold an information meeting to let all club members know what is going on along with details of the club finances, promotion details and plans for the season rapidly approaching. The final loads of new track surface will be in place before the end of the week and whole track will then be dug over and prepared. Heavy earthmoving machinery is now at the track and will result in an excellent preparation being applied to the track so that we enjoy a good racing surface right from the start.


Click for larger viewCSP UPDATE

Finally wheels are starting to turn with regard to kicking off the 2002-2003 season , many things have been evolving and while not much news has been released.

The ASSCC Executive Committee have been working hard and achieved a lot over the past couple of months. Credit must be given to those who have departed, those that remain and those senior members who have promoted some recent action - in the meantime you can be assured that we are moving along toward what promises to be a great season. The working committee will remain in place to oversee and assist proceedings.



This is being placed presently. 640 metres of clay from Clevedon is being laid down and folded into the present track surface. So!!! Gentleman!!! And you rapid ladies.


For the first practice session on October 5th pits open at 10am practice 1pm - 4.30pm


This has been relocated and is now in a prime position lower and slightly closer to the track - it now actually looks directly down the front straight and has ďThe best view in the ParkĒ.

Much effort has been put into this with Ron Bellett giving weekend upon weekend on the digger from porter hire with other porter hire equipment and ďall hands on deckĒ.


The committee have signed an agreement for the venue to be hired in our downtime by an International Motorsport Company providing , corporate, educational and general ride hire - one car operating at any one time - conditional upon the correct documentation from the necessary authorities, any club activities have priority and the income will be a welcome addition to the club.


Funtime Foods are our caterer for the next three years, Stan and Kerry within this contract have undertaken to renovate the downstairs food outlet and make this operational again. They are excited to be involved and will be putting special emphasis on the kids. Funtime have modern caravans and concentrate on quality food at affordable prices - perfect.


Concept Sports Promotion have presented the offer for Premier naming rights sponsorship of the Waikaraka Park Speedway to one of New Zealands largest mobile Crane Fleets. The Partners have visited the venue for a walk around and are excited of the prospect of becoming involved. Stay turned.

The working party comprising of Noel Hawthorne, Grant King, Dayne Wright, Ron Willouby, Ron Bellette and the 5 ASSCC Committee members met with Ian Foster today in the clubrooms to finalise details of the Contract with Concept Sports Promotions Ltd for the coming season.

The meeting started with tabling of resignations from the President Christine Champion, the Secretary Ngaire Nowell and the Treasurer Andrea Foley.

The Club lawyer, who was also in attendance at the request of the President, gave his opinion regarding the continuing operation and management of the committee. It is now up to the Vice President, Gavin Hinsley, and the only other remaining committee member, Mark Fleming, to find suitable replacements to fill the empty positions on the Committee.

Any decision over filling these positions is being held over until the next committee meeting on Monday night when the working party will reconvene.

In spite of this upset at the beginning of today's meeting, the working party finalised the contract with Ian Foster ( CSP Ltd) and it will now be signed off after being printed by the lawyers. Planning for the season and promotions can now move forward and we can all look forward to to an exciting race season.


Working Bee Dates
To those member that have already done your working bees, we thank you very much. To those members that have not done your working bee the following dates have been set.
The dates are:
14th and 15th of September,
22nd of September,
28th of September,
or the 6th of October.
If you can not make these dates or wish to pay the $180 please let your drivers rep know.

Due to the weather over the week the track surface will now be laid next weekend (21/09/02), which we will all be looking forward to having for the coming season. Now the weekend of Septmber the 28th.

bullet Grand Parades
The question of whether Grand Parades are allowed under our rules was considered in some depth throughout the year but, at the same time of the 2002 AGM, no one could see a way that Grand Parades could continue without the rules being changed.

The Directors have again revisited the matter and, by looking outside the Racing Rules, have been able to set down guidelines for the running of Grand Parades within our existing rules.

As Grand Parades are neither a practice nor a race, but a promotional event, they can be run with the pit gate open, under the jurisdiction of the Clerk of the Course.

bullet Positions Available
We require persons to fulfill the below positions for the coming season.
*Clerk of the Course
*Assistant Clerk of the Course
*Chief Scrutineer
*Modified Handicapper
*StreetStock Handicapper
*Crash Crew
*Pit Marshal
*Pit Parking Marshal
If you are interested please contact us via the contacts below or Marc on (09) 832-9299

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