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Aucklanders on Tour

This page is dedicated to Auckland drivers competing in their respective classes, at National Championship meetings around the country or when Auckland registered drivers achieve something at another track, or just general promotional stuff (eg Santa Parades, displays etc) which our cars are involved in.
Results, progress and details will be added as information becomes available.

November 2, 2005:

MVC-0171 F

Many Auckland cars visited Huntly Speedway on October 29, 2005 for their meeting as no other tracks were running. The Modifieds put on a startling performance with 11A Jamie Fox shattering the track record. Foxy blistered off a flying lap in 13.869 seconds, shattering the 14 second plus existing record which was previously held by Murray Gordge.

Congratulations Foxy!


November 19, 2005:
The Auckland Alleycats raced at Huntly's 6 Way Stockcar Teams Meeting, finishing fifth overall.
The Team was made up of the following drivers:
12A Mike Stanaway
14A CJ Chesnutt
71A Dean Mulholland
89A Tony Gavin
99A Grant Littlewood

November 26, 2005:
Several Waikaraka Park Registered Cars took part in the Annual Onehunga Santa Parade held in Onehunga on November 26, 2005. The cars included a few Ministox, Stockcars and Historic Stockcars.
They were good to see and the cars received a good reception from the public who were out shopping in Onehunga on the Saturday morning.
To check out the page of images, click this link here.

December 10 & 11, 2005:
Quite a contingent of Auckland cars travelled down to Huntly Speedway to contest the North Island Stockcar Champs in December, 2005. 

Stockcars 71A Dean Mulholland and 10A Craig Collins qualified and made it into the Top 26, no mean feat as there were 97 cars present. Craig finished 18= overall, and Dean finished 21st. 

The Grand Slam event was the event for the second 26 cars, with quite a few Auckland cars qualifying for this event, those cars being 98A (usually 99A) Grant Littlewood, 81A Rodney Smyth, 74A Craig Chatfield, 93A Kelly Layton, 441A Andrew Weir, and 117A Rose Halfpenny. 

Racing was hard and fast in both the main event and the Grand Slam, 441A Andrew Weir was in Stirring mode in the Grand Slam and was amongst the action all night, it was great to watch. At the end of the night, there was a runoff for first place, between 74A Craig Chatfield and 509S, Chris Knight. Craig finished second in the runoff.
93A, Kelly Layton also had a good night, Kelz was racing consistently and finished third equal, with Hawkes Bay's 86B, Marty Cooke. 

Congratulations to Craig and Kelly on your respective placings, and well done! Click this link here to check out a selection of images of Auckland cars at the North Island Championships, including presentation photos.

January 21, 2006
As most speedway fans know, January is a busy month on the Speedway calendar, with many various championships in each class taking place around the tracks in New Zealand. January 2006 is no exception, and we would like to acknowledge the Waikaraka Park drivers who have done well in the various Championship meetings thus far.
First of all, Stockcar 34A Mark Wearing started off 2006 right by placing 3rd in the BOP Stockcar Championship down in Rotorua, on January 1, 2006. On the same night, local Saloon driver, 63A Nige Mouat finished third overall in the TelstraClear Saloon Speedweek.
A couple of days later, we had Lance Jennings (Super Saloon 96A) finish 3rd in the NZ Super Saloon Championships at Baypark on January 3, 2006.
Four days later on January 7, top local Modified driver Allan Haigh finished 2nd at the NZ Modified Championships in Christchurch after a runoff with 1NZ Tony Galbraith, who successfully defended his title. Fellow Auckland driver and former NZ Modified Champ, 11A Jamie Fox, finished fourth.
Fast forward to January 13, 2006, where Neville McNabb (Minisprint 31A) finished third at the NZ Minisprint Grand Prix in Rotorua!
Meanwhile, down in Palmerston North, the Auckland Alleycats made it through to the finals of the Stockcar Teams Champs (formerly known as Std Stock Teams Champs), after beating the Palmerston North Pumas, and the Meeanee Maulers to qualify for the finals on Night 2.
On Night 2 (14/1/06), the Auckland Alleycats were up against the Manawatu Steelers, the Manawatu Steelers taking the win and advancing onto the final. The Auckland Alleycats ran off against the Rotorua Rascals for 3rd and 4th, with the Rotorua Rascals taking the win, and the Auckland Alleycats finishing 4th overall. From all accounts the racing was hard, fast and not to mention brutal, and the Alleycats put up a good fight with lots of blocking.

March 27, 2006

The Stockcar drivers have had a busy couple of months starting with the New Zealand Champs at Meeanee Speedway in Hawkes Bay, on the 27th & 28th of January 2006 where we had 14 cars representing Auckland at this meeting with 66a Peter Church making it to the Grand Final, although he drove well there was no reward at the end finally finishing 18th overall after not making the last heat of the finals.

The Clay Classic for the next 26 cars our drivers were a lot more fortunate having 8 cars in this series, and at the end of racing we had 99a finishing 2nd overall 64a 3rd, 14a 4th,after a runoff 93a 5th, 17a (117a) 8th, 96a 11th, 68a (168a) 18th & 74a 20th overall.

Good racing everyone you all did us proud.


Our cars there were:

93a Kelly Layton, 74a Craig Chatfield, 71a Dean Mulholland, 34a Mark Wearing, 68a(168a) Billy Neill, 64a Carlos Chesnutt, 17a (117a) Rose Halfpenny, 4a(14a) C J Chesnut, 82a Donna Carter, 99a Grant Littlewood, 96a Jamie Ferguson, 66a Peter Church, 81a Rodney Smythe, & 10a Craig Collins, also 89a was there being raced as 6k by Blu Rawiri.


Next we had the Stockcar Grand Prix in Gisborne, on the 25th  of February 2006 where I believe 7 cars made the trek from Auckland to this meeting but this time luck was not on their side, even so they all drove very well & did their best with 34a Mark Wearing finishing sixth overall & 64a Carlos Chesnut 8th overall.

Cars representing Auckland in Gisborne for the NZ Stockcar Grand Prix were: 64a Carlos Chesnut, 34a Mark Wearing, 81a Rodney Smythe, 66a Peter Church, 99a Grant Littlewood, 117a Rose Halfpenny, & 93a Kelly Layton.


Next stop was the Stockcar Teams Challenge on the 5th of March 2006 at the KihiKihi Speedway where the Auckland Alleycats team finished up the Runners up in the Final against the Rotorua Rascals, once again the drivers did us proud, congratulations to you all well done.

The Alleycats Team was made up of: 12a Mike Stanaway, 64a Carlos Chesnutt, 71a Dean Mulholland, 96a Nick Krisnic, 441a Andrew Weir and the 6th driver was 99a Grant Littlewood.


February also had the Superstocks in Palmerston North for the National Superstock Team Champs, although the Auckland Allstars came away empty handed they drove extremely well & were unlucky not to be in the semi finals just being edged out by the Stratford Scrappers in a very close final qualifying heat, dont get me wrong the boys gave it their all & in their first team race they raced the Christchurch Glen Eagles (last seasons runners up) in a repeat of the first ever stockcar teams race which was won by Auckland & this time the result was the same as our boys came home the winners congratulations guys.

The Allstar Team was 11a Gary Ellis, 73a Bryce Marx, 414a Warwick Ansty, & honorary Allstars ,43a (43p) Darryl Hammond & 421a (421w) Paul Bouzaid.


Local Ltd Saloon driver 63a Nigel Mouat has been busy touring taking in the DHL Telstra Clear Ltd Saloon series throughout the North Island & driving well & doing us all proud, good on you Nigel.

The local Modified drivers also have been touring with the Pacific Urethanes & Leisurerite Spa pools series throughout the North Island with excellent results, our regular representatives have been 36a Phil Crumpe, 11a Jamie Fox, 56a Paul Blakeley, 2nz Allan Haigh, & 6a Brian Jesen with I believe the final round in Auckland later in the season. Good driving guys your doing us proud!


Our Streetstock drivers have been touring as well with 4 cars taking in the NZ Streetstock Champs in Invercargill on the 4th & 5th of February 2006 having 12a Mark McNabb, 97a (27a) Steve Beale, & 55a (54a) Merv Lewis & 45a Bill Peat all competing but alas no podiums for our hard working streetstock drivers who gave it their all & while on their way back to Auckland these guys took in the NZ Streetstock Grand Prix at Woodford glen in Christchurch on the 11th & 12th of February 2006 where 97a, 12a, & 55a qualified for the finals but no luck for 45a Bill Peat who didnt make the cut, even so the boys came away empty handed they all gave it their all & didnt make it easy for the other drivers & showed that they will travel to the South Island & take on the best they have.


Next stop on the 11th & 12th of March 2006 the Streetstock drivers were at Wellingtons Te Marua Speedway for the North Island champs where we had 6 cars representing Auckland in the qualifying heats & 4 cars made it to the finals & they were 12a, 75a (5a), 45a, 68a (66a), this time there was success for our drivers as 45a Bill Peat & 12a Mark McNabb had a runoff for 2nd & 3rd place with the 45a car taking the runoff & also 2nd overall & 12a 3rd overall so a good meeting overall for these drivers.

Cars representing Auckland were 45a Bill Peat, 12a Mark McNabb, 68a (66a) Craig McKinney, 15a David McIvor, 54a Merv Lewis, & 75a (5a) Erin Gribble.


The North Island Modified Champs were held at Huntly Speedway on March 4th, 2006 with Auckland having a strong representation in the finals field with 11a Jamie Fox taking the title for Auckland. With 6a Brian Jesen coming home 2nd overall, it was a one two finish on the podium, congratulations guys well done.

Our latest Auckland driver on tour is 11a Gary Ellis who traveled to Woodford Glen in Christchurch to take in the Battle of the Stocks on the 18th & 19th of March 2006 teaming up with 91c Hepi Paul, together the 11a & 91c combination finished 14th overall in what was a very hard fought best pairs series.


Well done to all of the other Auckland registered drivers who have been doing well in their respective classes lately. However, it must be said, everyone is a winner just for competing! Great stuff, and keep it up.

More information will be added to this page once it comes to hand so keep an eye out.

April 13, 2006 
As the 2005/06 season is nearing to a close, Auckland drivers are still travelling around and doing their best at the meetings around the country that they are attending. Saturday 8th April at Rotorua saw Rotorua running the BOP Saloon Champs as well as a few other events. Local driver 63A Nige Mouat was down there for this event, and by getting two 5th's and a 2nd, took out the championship!! Nige is a driver who has been consistent all season and has been getting some great results. Well done Nige!

May 28, 2006 

With the Speedway Season basically over Auckland drivers have been touring right to the bitter end.


Saloon driver Nigel Mouat 63a has been busy racing at the Valvoline Classic in Huntly, next stop was the Memorial meeting at Meeanee Speedway in Napier for their final meeting of their season (13/5/06).


The Streetstock drivers headed to KihiKihi speedway for the King Country Champs with 45a Bill Peat coming away with the title & 12a Mark McNabb taking 2nd overall, other drivers down there stirring were 51a Chris Gerrand & 54a Merv Lewis.


The Superstock drivers have been out of town as well with 73a Bryce Marx & 11a Garry Ellis both racing at the Valvoline Classic at Huntly, also down at the KihiKihi Speedway we had 75a Dave Tennant, 11a Garry Ellis & 99a Mark Decke competing in the King Country Superstock Champs with 75a finishing 4th overall.


The Super Saloon drivers were at the Valvoline Classic at Huntly as well with 38a Peter Hemi , 45a Glen Turner, 26a Shane McIntyre, & 3nz Lance Jennings representing the Auckland Stock & Saloon Car Club at this invitation only meeting.


The Stockcar drivers have been traveling also with 134a [34a] Mark Wearing, 441a Andrew Weir, 64a Carlos Chesnutt, 4a [74a] Craig Chatfield, 168a Rodney Smythe & I believe 96a all at the King Country Stockcar Champs, plus also at the invitation only Valvoline Classic, we had 441a Andrew Weir in stirring mode & 64a Carlos Chesnutt racing in the Celebrity Teams Challenge with names like Tiger Woods, Greg Murphy, Paul Radisich & Tana Umaga.


The Ministock drivers have been traveling as well all flying the flag for Auckland.


To all other drivers that have traveled of late you have all represented your local club with pride and you are all to be congratulated for your efforts.

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