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Super Stock Teams Nationals


March 24th 2007

Super Stock Teams Nationals

Race-Off for 7th & 8th places

Rotorua Rebels versus Kihikihiki Kings

1st across the line 118r Bryce Steiner1343

Race Time 5.54.9592 Fastest Lap 20.2447 (26k Gary Hunter on lap 5 of 15)

Race-Off for 5th & 6th places

Wanganui Warriors versus Waikato Wanderers

1st across the line 28h Glen Drabble1423

Race Time 5.29.2948. Fastest Lap 19.4089 (28h on lap 6 of 15)

Race-Off for 3rd & 4th places

Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes versus Auckland AllStars

1st across the line 33b Murray Long1202

Race Time 5.14.3649. Fastest Lap 19.0932 (34b Pat Westbury on lap 3 of 15)

Race-Off for Teams Nationals

Palmerston North Panthers versus Nelson Tigers

1st across the line 6p Wayne Hemi1555

Race Time 5.05.8167. Fastest Lap 18.4860 (85n Dale Ewers on lap 12 of 15)

Grand Slam

1st 7r Dayne Wright

2nd 33b Murray Long1529

3rd 118r Bryce Steiner

Race Time 4.47.8363. Fastest Lap 18.5840 (34b Pat Westbury on lap 6 of 15)


Race 1

1st 89a Tony Gavin

2nd 18a Steve Fox1300

3rd 64a Marty Chesnutt

Race Time 8.26.2233. Fastest Lap 26.1227 (89a on lap 8 of 10)

Race 2

1st 89a Tony Gavin

2nd 99a Grant Littlewood1306

3rd 168a Billy Neil

Race Time 4.14.6561. Fastest Lap 19.9460 (89a on lap 4 of 10)


1st 89a Tony Gavin

2nd 99a Grant Littlewood1323

3rd 168a Billy Neil

Race Time 3.33.2334. Fastest Lap 19.7909 (89a on lap 9 of 10)


Heat 1

1st 3nz Jamie Fox

2nd 2nz Scott Lane1151

3rd 56a Paul Blakeley

Race Time  3.27.0036. Fastest lap 15.4608 (3nz on lap 7 of 12)

Heat 2

1st 22r Glen Lloyd

2nd 99a Nathan Robertson1158

3rd 6a Brian Jesen

Race Time 3.19.1864. Fastest Lap 15.6250 (22r on lap 2 of 12)

Heat 3

1st 3nz Jamie Fox

2nd 2nz Scott Lane1458

3rd 22r Glen Lloyd

Race Time 9.45.7241. Fastest Lap 15.1931 (3nz on lap 3 of 12)


Kiwis versus Australia

1st 16a Chloe Corban (NZ)

2nd 19 Bronwyn Channing (Aust)1390

3rd 7g Travis Gooch (NZ)

4th 55h Daniel Thomas (NZ)

5th 28w Jason Larson (NZ)

6th 8r Shane Allen (NZ)

7th 88h Mitchell Buck (NZ)

8th 37 Ryan MacArthur (Aust)

9th 18 Liam Dowling (Aust)

10th 77 Matt Haythornthwaite (Aust)

11th 73 Rhys Brown (Aust)

DNF 45 Jono Coyle (Aust)

Trans Tasman Challenge Heat 1

1st 28w Jason Larson

2nd 7g Travis Gooch1397

3rd 16a Chloe Corban

Trans Tasman Challenge Heat 2

1st 8r Shane Allen

2nd 46h Matthew Smith1387

3rd 8h TJ Green

Trans Tasman Challenge Heat 3

1st 88h Mitchell Buck

2nd 55h Daniel Thomas1371

3rd 16a Chloe Corban

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