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Meeting Canned
For the second time in three weeks weather has caused a postponement of the Speedway at Waikaraka.

The meeting scheduled for October 9th will now be raced on October 16th.

The classes racing will be the same as scheduled for the rained out meeting, Modifieds, Saloons, both Supers and Limited, Stockcars, Streetstocks, Motorbikes in the CRC Solo Series and MiniStox.

The cancelation was delayed a cxouple of hours as the track was in fine fettle but after every spell of clear weather another shower would pass over the Speedway and it finally became obvious that those occassional showers would continue into the evening.

Club members are advised that the track has been prepared for racing and is therefore not available during the week for practise.

Latest Meeting Results

The opening Meeting
The opening meeting of the 2004-2005 season at Waikaraka International Speedway was raced on October 2nd.

The meeting started with a grand parade, there were 92 race cars in the pits, and the final feature race started at 10-10 p.m. after 23 events.


The Youth MiniStox section was the first to take to the track and 211a Zane Hodge was the first to lead. In a race that was clean, green to chequered, 33a James Cossey, who had a fabulous first up night of racing, took the chequered flag from Daniel Knight (25a) and Blair Mitchell. Mitchell was in a very patched up 36a. The 36a car had rolled at the last practise when the youngest son of Super Stock Star Ricky Mitchell, Greg, had a big tumble. James Cossey, son of Bevan Cossey, drives a car painted very similar to his brother's Mini-Sprint and Zane Hodge has a ministox that has a paint style based on his father's Super Stockcar, the 11a of Gary Ellis.


The youth ministox section boasts a number of second generation drivers including the 64a car of Flying Fox. Steve Fox is the son of Modified stalwart Jamie Fox. The second Ministox race was won by 8a Adam Mills from 9a Richard Pearce with the very fast young Cossey taking third place. The youth Ministox drivers drove with discipline all night and there was not a stoppage in any of their races and contact was very minimal. There was however contact coming off the final corner as 66a Karl Knedler and Richard Pearce fought for the win. The son of limited saloon racer, Peter Knedler, won the feature with James Cossey taking another third place.


All sections raced for trophies on the night and it was no surprise when the scores were added up and James Cossey was the overall winner on the night with 62 points. Daniel Knight and Richard Pearce tied equal with 58 points and Karl Knedler had a total of 57 points for the nights racing.

Super Saloons were the second division to take to the track at the opening meeting on that was raced on an excellent surface that stayed grippy all night. Lance Jennings was pedalling the black 77 car driven last season by Blondie Chamberlain. Jennings maybe a veteran but he races not only with youthful exuberance, but with a heavy throttle foot and a steering wheel twisting style that is thrilling for the watching fans.


Jennings won the first race and was given second place in the abandoned and declared second race, but did not front for the final Saloon race of the night. Reece Jones was second in his brand new car (#4a) in the first race from Doug Torrey (#6a), who hopes to have his brand new Limited Saloon at the track next week. There were two retirements in the first race for the Supers, Doug Galletly with a flat left front tyre and Mike Peglar who had his new engine let go after only a few laps.


The first big prang of the season occurred in the second super saloon race. Torrey was leading but Lance Jennings got a great run off the corner and had a pass for the lead. As the black 77 went under the white number 6a Jenning's rear bumper hooked with the front bumper of Doug Torrey's car. Momentarily it looked like Jennings was a goner, but it was the 6a that speared into the wall when the two cars' bumpers released. In a high flying triple barrel roll the big white car punched a big hole in the deer netting debris fence that necessitated the calling of the race. The officials decided to award the race based on the order the cars had passed the start/finish line the previous lap which meant that although his racecar was destroyed Torrey was given the win! Doug walked away from the crash, the car however was in seriously hurt condition.


In the declared race Jennings was awarded second and Reece Jones third.

The final Saloon race was an all-in handicap with Limited Saloons and Super Saloons providing an action packed race thanks to all the passing on the multi-laned track. Reece Jones was the first Super home from Ben Harding (24a) and Graeme Andrews, who was having his first meeting back at Wailaraka Speedway after nearly burning his #98a to the ground when it caught fire after riding the wall and tearing the fuel fittings out of the tank last season. Don Galletly looked to be having a strong race when his right rear tyre popped in Cemetery bend sending the 64 year old 'kid' infield.

For overall points on the night Reece Jones was the winner from Ben Harding. Lance Jennings won the trophy for third place after the evenings racing.

Only a small field of Super Stocks were on hand for the opening meeting. Neil McCoard, who lives in Auckland but races out of the Rotorua track, was the best of the night. Clinton Thickpenny 73r, who last year was registered to Baypark, had the measure of McCoard's sweet handling 4r in the second race. Thickpenny had too much grunt off the turns and went on to win reversing the result of the first race. 73a Bryce Marx was third in the first two races and spun Thickpenny in the feature to take second place at race's end. In the first Super Stockcar race 17v Rick Campbell retired with overheating problems and 53a Phillip Marx wisely turned his car off when he discovered that when he lifted his foot from the throttle the pedal stayed down!


The Limited Saloon section was won overall on the night by Phil Towgood in the 48m car who scored a total of 25 points in the three races that featured Limited Saloons. Towgood won the feature. Second on the night was Andrew Marks who normally races a spectacular Super Saloon. Marks was in the #35 Kessler car. Third on the night, after a count back, was 97a Robin Thomas who had won the first heat for Limited Saloons. He and Tauranga visitor, Tony Heuvel, both finished the night with 18 points. Heuvel's number 17 sports an extremely pretty paint job.

In the Mini Sprint class 23a Ben Cossey was the top points scorer, by one point, from 1nz Shaun Cooke with Chip Humble who had three third places in the three races third overall on the night.


Streetstocks fronted with eleven cars fro the opening meeting. In the run for the chequered flag in the Streetstock feature 66a Craig McKinney in a beautifully presented Holden held off 27a Steve Beale in spite of the white Torana sparking against the yellow 66a as the two cars clashed coming off the final turn. Beale won the points overall on the night from McKinney with Erin Gribble getting the third place trophy after some solid races in her 5a Holden .

27 Stockcars were on the grid for their first race of the season. The first stockcar to hit the wall was 25a Dave Nicholls who went into the concrete in the first corner of the race. Nicholls was to lead the opening lap of the second race before starting to stir. His stirring, trying to take cars out in spite of two flat tyres earned him the stirrer of the night trophy. It was local Craig Collins (#10a) who won the first Stockcar race from 1nz Keith Spanhake and 46a Paul Carson.


There was a stoppage in the first stockcar race when 48a Todd Julian gave the safety crew the thumbs down. The purple car was stopped on the front straight and was in serious danger of being rear ended at speed. Later in the night Julian was dealing to others including one spectacular walling of 72a Norman Anderson.

The second stockcar race also had a red light incident when in a melee that left three cars stopped going into Cemetery bend 83a Maurice Warren failed to give any thumb sigh, neither up nor down. The unfortunate Warren was only just waking up when the safety crew reached him during the race stoppage.

Stockcar racing is not for the faint hearted and the hits do hurt. There were three ladies racing in the Stockcar division at the opening meeting. Donna Carter was in her red 82a, Kelly Leyton was actually leading the feature in her flaming painted 93a before the engine went west, and Shay Oliver, one of two Tauranga based visitors who signed in for the meeting, trailered after her car overheated in the first race.


The other Baypark registered Stockcar at Waikaraka International Speedway for the opener was Scott Fredrickson (8m). He was looking fast and good for a win in the second heat until he threw a belt and was forced to park up for the rest of the race. The second Stockcar race was won by 165a Mark Thompson, from Rotorua visitor, and a very welcome addition to the field, Keith Spanhake with 3nz Paul Vazey finishing third. The beautifully present Vazey car was featured in colour over a two page spread in the meeting's A4 sized, 24 page programme.

The feature race was won by Karl McKay (41p) who is a former Auckland All Star member now domiciled in Palmerston North. Collins in 10a was second in the feature, that started 20 cars, with Vazey taking another third in his #3 Stockcar. Overall the Rotorua visitor Keith Spanhake scored 75 points to take home the trophy. Vazey was a solitary point adrift in second overall and third place, with 71 points, was 92a Paul Gregory. McKay was fourth in the three race points tally with 69 points.

The general opinion was that the meeting wasn't too bad and better than most opening meetings. The track held up well and the racing was generally entertaining. Only 29 more meetings to go!

Photos from the meeting on the web site courtesy of the Action Photographer.



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