Waikaraka Park Speedway have secured their naming rights sponsor for the 2002 - 2003 season.
New Zealand Crane Hire operate one of the countries largest mobile crane fleets and see the
association with Waikaraka Park as a perfect opportunity to broaden the companys image within
the trade and to the general public.

Auckland Stock and Saloon Car Club President, Gavin Hinsley signed the contract that had been
presented by Ian Foster of Concept Sports Promotion after being prepared and finalised by club
secretary Grant King.

All parties are excited at the prospect of a great seasons racing and exposure ahead for all
involved - most importantly the drivers & spectators.

Deane Manley from New Zealand Crane Hire & new ASSCC President Gavin Hinsley shake on the deal
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Monday night 30 September saw the final sign-off on the marketing contract between the Club and Concept Sports Promotions ( Ian Foster ) It was pleasing for the Working Party , that had taken over the settlement negotiations after the walkout by the majority of the Executive Committee, to reach a satisfactory conclusion to the process within the timeframe set earlier. Ian Foster is now working hard on Sponsors, Signage and planning advertising in readiness for opening night.

The new catering contract was also finalised with Funtime Foods and work on the new kitchen below the clubrooms has started.

Several new positions have been filled in the Committee.

PRESIDENT Gavin Hinsley  
SECRETARY Grant King  
REPS Marc Fleming (Streetstocks)
  Dayne Wright (Stockcars)
  Lyn Yates (Saloons)
  Scott Lane (Modifieds)

Ron Bellette has been appointed Chief Scrutineer for the season and the Clerk of the Course is Leon McCord.

The new track surface has been laid and dug into the ground by the team from Porter Hire who spent all of the weekend with their roadworking machinery on the track. With the extensive digging and turning, grading and rolling that went on we can expect a top racing surface almost from opening night in a months time. We are very grateful for their help and support in achieving this. A large turnout of drivers over the weekend helping to get the grounds and equipment ready was another pleasing turnaround of events. It is great to see drivers and helpers pitching in together again.

The practice dates have now had to be changed as the new fittings for the pit gates have not been completed, likewise the entry and exit chutes will not have had their new concrete finished. Practice days are now October 12 (Saturday), 19 ( Saturday ) and 28 ( Monday ). Green sheeting and scrutineering of cars will take place on these days during the morning.

The next drivers meeting is on Wednesday 9th of October at 7.30pm where the committee will give everyone a full update on the club and planning progress.

WE CONFIRM Most club meetings $12.00 and special events $15.00 ie: TEAMS/INTERNATIONAL/CHAMPIONSHIP DATES

Anyone needing further information can contact the Secretary, Grant King, during the day on (09) 420-6263, or any of the committee during the evening.

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