Event Calendar
<Sep 2003>
Meet Date Description
2 2nd Oct Opening Meeting
3 9th Oct

Second Meeting, CRC Solo Series

4 16th Oct Third Meeting
23rd Oct No Meeting Labour Weekend
5 30th Oct Super Saloon Top Gun Shoot Out, CRC Solo Series
6 6th Nov Fireworks
7 13th Nov Modified Series, Auckland Super Saloon Championship, Mini Sprint Inter-club Teams, MiniStox Invasion
20th Nov CRC Solo Series, Stockcar Heavy Hitter's Feature
8 27th Nov City of Sails Stockcar Classic, Mad Butcher Demolition Derby
9 4th Dec Super Saloon Gold Cup, CRC Solo Series
11th Dec No Speedway. Private Promotion
10 18th Dec Auckland Stockcar Championship, Auckland Limited Saloon Championship, Auckland Streetstock Championship, Auckland MiniStox Championship.
25th Dec Night off from Speedway. Christmas Day.
11 28th Dec New Zealand's biggest Standard Stockcar Meeting. Auckland Stockcar Stampede, Day One
12 29th Dec Auckland Stockcar Stampede, Day Two
13 1st Jan City of Sales Super Stock Classic, Auckland super Stockcar Champioship, Herb Morgan Tyres Auckland Modified Championship.
14 4th Jan Cancelled.
15 8th Jan Mad Butcher Derby Night. Jalopies, Novelty Event and Demolition Derby.
16 15th Jan

Solo Championship, Sunday News Int'l troupe.

Also Championships supposed to have been run as part of Meeting 10.

17 21st Jan Tournament of Destruction.
18 22nd Jan Tournament of Destruction
18a 29th Jan Super Saloons (Gold Cup), Super Stocks, Solos Auck. Streetstock Champs and Modifieds
19 5th Feb Cancelled lack of available competitors
20 12th Feb New Zealand's richest Modified Meeting. The $10,000 Modified Dirt Cup.
21 19th Feb Mad Butcher Demolition Derby (with low ramp)
22 26th Feb

 Speedway Specatular.Stockcar Teams race. Also T.Q's. (Xtreme Teams cancelled)

23 5th March Limited Saloon Extravaganca
24 12th March North Island Modified Championship
25 18th March Stockcar Teams Nationals, Day One.
26 19th March Stockcar Teams Nationals, Day Two.
29 26-27th March No meeting, Easter.
27 2nd April Caravan Derby
28 9th April King of the Park
29 16th April John Webster Memorial
30 23rd April Junk Yard Wars

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