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    A DERBY ENTRY FEE  costs $20.00 (Non Refundable)

available from any Auckland Mad Butcher Store 4 weeks prior to Derby 



1.      Only standard road cars eligible.  NO 4-wheel drives. No modifications or reinforcing permitted except the following.

2.    All glass & plastic, interior trim, wheel trims, hub caps, exterior trim, including complete headlight and parking light assemblies and including plastic plug connection, tow bars and rubbish to be removed from car.

3.    Both front doors to be securely chained, bolted or welded shut. Pillarless cars must have the seam between front and rear doors to be fully welded.

4.    Full harness seat belts(4-5 point) to be used & SECURLEY mounted to the floor and pillar or pipe work. If inertia belts are used they must be either fully extended or locked so they are not retractable.  A headrest is required to be fitted as in diagram.

5.    A maximum of 18 litre of petrol to be carried in the tank.

6.    All cars to be fitted with roll bar (not roll cage) consisting of one bar of minimum diameter of 38mm OD x 3.2mm, of steam pipe or RHS, to extend vertically from floor immediately behind drivers seat to the roof.  A 300mm length of pipe or RHS, of the same size as the roll bar.  These to be bolted through the roof and the floor.  A headrest must be mounted on bar.          SEE  DIAGRAM. 



7.    In the case of two door pillarless coupes, doors must be welded shut & a pillar installed.  A cross bar 400mm above the floor must be fitted from door to door & bolted through the doors at both ends.

8.    Numbers must be painted in contrasting colours and clearly visible, on the driver's door and roof.  Minimum size 300mm high x 50mm wide.

9.     No obscene or offensive words or drawings on cars.

10.  The driver's door may have a 3mm steel plate welded on the driver's side to replace the door trim, from behind the driver's seat, extended to past the firewall, and securely welded or bolted.

11.  No locked diffs allowed.

12.  No wide wheels or racing tyres allowed. Plus no concrete, steel or reinforcing work to be added to vehicle.

13.  Battery must be secured under the bonnet or if battery is inside cockpit it must be placed in a  sealed, securely mounted battery box.



  1. All vehicles will be checked and must comply with the specifications.
  2. All competitors must hold either an SNZ One-Day Derby Licence or a full SNZ licence.
  3. All competitors must be aware and accept that they compete at their own risk.
  4. Minimum age is 16 years.  Competitors aged between 16 and 18 years must have signed consent by a parent or guardian.
  5. Competitors must have proof from the issuing authority that he has held at least a Restricted civil drivers licence.  Full civil drivers licence is not required.
  6. All drivers must wear full length, long sleeved overalls NOT NYLON.  Boots or shoes must be worn, NOT JANDALS or  SNEAKERS.
  7. SNZ approved helmet must be worn.  Clothing to be approved by the Steward on the day/night.
  8. The Demo Derby is to be the last race of the meeting and the track surface must be heavily watered to reduce vehicle speed.
  9. This competition is with the intention of demolishing the opponent's vehicle. Those not competing in the spirit of the intention can be excluded.
  10. When a red light or flag is shown, competitors must  immediately STOP.
  11. Drivers must not hit another vehicle in the driver's door. Cars can only move forward on the track and in an anticlockwise direction, strictly within the confines of the track.
  12. Competitors will be disqualified when driving on the infield unless the track is completely blocked.  Competitors must return to the track  immediately after passing the blockage.
  13. A competitor that is immobilized  for more than ONE minute shall be deemed out of the Derby and shall not be permitted a restart.
  14. No competitor will be permitted to unclip his seat belts or get out of the car while the Derby is in progress, without a direction from the Clerk of the Course.
  15. All decisions taken by the track officials will be final and binding and no protests will be entered into. The Promoter has the right to order winning cars to be rechecked. 
  16. ID will be required for Removal of Vehicle. (This is to stop cars being stolen) Vehicles must be removed between 9am-10am the following day by the person whose name is on the entry form or they will then become the property of the WPP Ltd. No compensation or payment will be made to any person for any vehicles that  become the property of the WPP Ltd under this condition of  entry clause. There will be a 30 minute period allocated after the conclusion of the Derby race for vehicle owners to remove their vehicles from the infield. The track entry will then be locked and no persons will be allowed entry to the track enclosure.







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