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32 Events on Programme for 7th Feb.
Xtreme Teams set to Rumble

After the rain out of the meeting scheduled for January 31st, the Xtreme Stockcar teams clash will now be the feature of the February 7th meeting at Waikaraka Speedway.

The format will be six teams racing the Xtreme format.

The confirmed teams for the meeting are the Auckland Alley Cats, Auckland Attackers, Two Waikato teams and the Rotorua Rascals. The Baypark team that was to race on the 31st January is expected to be confirmed as a starter on the 7th tonight.

The Xtreme format is for two heats with three teams racing in each heat. The winner each of the two heats will advance directly to the final. There will be a Last Chance Qualifier for the four losing teams in the heats to find a third team for the 15 lap Xtreme final.

The Xtreme Teams racing format has nine cars starting each heat, three from each team. At two thirds race distance the team managers have the option of sending their fourth Stockcar, sitting in a parc ferme box on the in-field, out onto the track to help win the race for his team!

The last chance qualifier will start 12 Stockcars, three from each team, and again the team manager will have the option, after 8 laps, of sending his fourth car out pnto the track to join the fray. The fourth car that takes the track late will join in as either a 'King' hitter to take out the leader or as a mobile block car to protect a team mate from being attacked.

The Xtreme Final with three teams will be over 15 laps with the reserve cars being permitted to join the action after 10 laps.

The Auckland Alley Cats team will be managed by Billy Neil, captained by Paul Vazey with team members Peter Church, Mark Wearing, Andrew Weir and Grant Littlewood. The Auckland Attackers Team will be managed by Ricky Mitchell, captained by Nige Mouat and include Warren McKee, Tony Baldwin, Che Takurua and John Carter.

In the support races the Stockcars will race a 'Hit to Pass' rule.

International Solos are also on the 32 event programme, along with Solo racing for local competitors.. V8 Tractors have been confirmed for the night. Also there will be ATV racing, Mini Stox and one other section, hopefully Modifieds.

The scheduled $10,000.00 Dirt Cup has been cancelled for the time being.

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