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Xtreme Stockcar Teams Racing

The next meeting at Waikaraka Speedway, Saturday night 31st January 2004 will feature the Xtreme Stockcar Teams.

It is the first time that such a clash has occurred. There will be six teams of four Stockcars each. The heats will feature three teams on the track at the same time. The winners of the heats go direct to the final. The four losing teams will have a Last Chance Qualifier. As in the heats 12 cars will line up to start the 12 lap race LCQ.

In the heats four cars from each team will start the race. In the Last Chance Qualifier only three cars from each team will be on the grid at the start of the race. The 4th car will sit on the infield and wait until at least eight laps have been completed before joining the contest. It is up to the individual team managers to decide what instructions to issue to their fourth car before it goes onto the track for the final laps. It is expected that in most cases the car being injected into the race for the closing laps will take the role of 'King Hitter' and try to take out the leader.

The winner team of the LCQ will be the third team that will contest the 15 lap Xtreme Stockcar Team Final. Three cars from each team will start the race. The fourth car will be able to join the fray after 10 laps, again either as a 'King Hitter' or as a Block car.

Also on the programme will be three races for Super Stocks and three other races for Stockcars. Mini Stox and ATV's will also race and the Sunday News Solo troupe will make their final appearance on the BullRing racing against, what is expected to be, a strong field of locals.

Coming up is the $10,000.00 Dirt Cup which will be raced over one night on February 7th. For details click on the provided link.

Also coming up later in the season is The Mad Butcher Derby Night which will have Derby Teams racing, Jalopy racing and the Destruction Derby with a ramp. The Mad Butcher Derby night is February 21st.

The last scheduled Derby of the season, March 27th, has reverted back to a caravan derby as originally proposed rather than a Ramp Derby.

The Stockcar Teams Nationals is the only two day meeting scheduled for Waikaraka Speedway. Of the eight teams invited to the Nationals at least one will be from the South Island. The date of the Teams Nationals is the 19th and 20th March 2004.

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