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Waikaraka Park Promotions
In the past Waikaraka Park, home of the Auckland Stock & Saloon Car Club has been administered by the clubs committee, made up from volunteers, giving their time to organize the seasons events, calendar, muster the club members, maintain the facility so that the paying public can come and watch speedway racing on the dirt oval, at the park in a facility clean, tidy and safe.

The entertainment attractions in Auckland have been growing each year and now more than ever the competitiveness for the entertainment dollar is getting harder for all businesses and clubs. Financially ASSCC has been one of those clubs to suffer greatly over the past few years.

Being a speedway to run more meetings per season than most in the country, time on volunteers is very demanding and can't always be given. With image in the mind of the sponsors and competitors, technology improvements to engines and suspensions, money being spent on racecars and safety gear is increasing and so does the demand for prize money, unfortunately the crowds haven't.

The rumblings from members have become louder over time for a change to the way things are done with regards to attracting the crowd and last year ASSCC committee contracted a marketing manager which did show that 'getting in the face' of the public with signs on the motorways and around the streets did improve the public figures through the gate.

But the show still lacked competitor numbers and entertainment value. It takes a fulltime commitment to fully organizing the basic duties such as: the competitors, facilities, advertising, and prize moneys to be offered, giving value for dollar to the paying public.

At the AGM in July 2003, Frank Irvine, a life member, past president and previous promoter of the club, with a good understanding of what is required to compete for the entertainment dollar, put forward a proposal as a Manager/Private Promoter, which paved the way for the incoming committees direction.

Negotiations over the last 2 months between Frank Irvine t/a Waikaraka Park Promotions and ASSCC committee has resulted in a contract being signed for a period of 3 years with the right of renewal of 2 further periods.

There was another interested party also in discussions being Nigel Livermore of Sovereign Promotions, but the committee felt with the past experience in all areas, Waikaraka Park Promotions was the best option for the long-term future of speedway at the Park and the club in general.

On behalf ASSCC committee I would like to thank Nigel for his proposal and the keen interest he has shown for the club.

I shall take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome Frank Irvine of Waikaraka Park Promotions and look forward to working with him in my term as President for ASSCC.

The challenge is 2 fold. Firstly for the promotions team to keep in the face of the public to increase the patronage, and secondly it is up to the competitors to make the show happen on the track so the public walk out the gates at the end of the night wanting for more, both very achievable.

The season is now almost upon us and there is much organizing to be done. The season's race calendar is currently being drawn up and will be posted on this web site with all other relevant information.

For the committee it will be good to get back to normality in helping run the season where needed and organizing social events and I would like to thank them for the time and effort in sorting out the final details regarding the Promotion contract on behalf of the club. Much reading, phone calls and rumours are endured on committee. So roll on the racing season and we can all get our fix on the AV gas fumes to unwind.

Looking forward to a great season.

Carlos Chesnutt
ASSCC President

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