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<Oct 2004>
Promotion Update
On Wednesday 13th August at the Driver's meeting an all in discussion was held to discuss the merits of Frank Irvine's and Nigel Livermoore's private promotion proposals. Frank's proposal gives the club $50,000 up front being an advance on the income to be received over the season, but he received the catering money.

Nigel's proposal gives the club $50,000 up front as per Frank's proposal but the club also retains the catering funds. Frank's proposal offered a 3 x 3 year lease with automatic right of renewal, Nigel's proposal offers a 3 x 3 x 2 year lease with renegotiations at the end of each period.

Although Nigel doesn't have the experience that Frank has with promotions, he has a real passion for speedway and is prepared to employ someone with such experience. To help him along though working bees will be as previously. It soon became apparent that the member's attending were impressed with the proposal Nigel offered and preferred his offer as the being the best for the club.

Further information regarding the promotion will be published in the soon to be released newsletter.

A good number of driver's registered on Wednesday night, boosting the club's membership. Remember that the fees go up on the 1st September 2003. Also, for a mere $20.00 you can place a business card size ad in the newsletter, contact Annette Riley for information.

Lyn Yates has stood down as Treasurer, due to overwhelming personal commitments, and in her place is Jayne 'Brocke' Reed.

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