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2002/2003 Season Prizegiving & 2003 NZ Speedway Awards
by Jamie McCarthy

The Auckland Stock and Saloon Car Club (ASSCC) held it's 2002/2003 prizegiving at Auckland's Ellerslie Convention Centre on May 24. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the night, which ended with a couple of surprise presentations to round off a great evening for the large number of Auckland club members and supporters on hand.

Auckland Club Member's National Achievements 2002/2003 Season

1NZ/99A Jamie Fox (NZ Modified Champs, Rotorua)
2NZ/66A Peter Church (NZ Standard Stock Champs, Huntly)
3NZ/8A Tony Cardwell (NZ Super Saloon Champs, Palmerston North)
North Island Modified Champs (Wellington) Jamie Fox 1NZ/99A (1st)
North Island Streetstock Champs (Gisborne) Bill Peat 45A (2nd)
NZ Streetstock Grand Prix (Auckland) Mark McNabb 12A (2nd)
NZ Standard Stock Grand Prix (Wanganui) Peter Church 2NZ/66A (3rd)


Heat One - 1st Mark McNabb 12A, 2nd David McIvor 15A, 3rd Laurie Maber 7A
Heat Two - 1st Mark McNabb, 2nd Greg Simpson 4A, 3rd = Neville McNabb 11A & Bill Peat 45A
Feature - 1st Greg Simpson, 2nd Bill Peat, 3rd Mark McNabb
Overall - 1st Mark McNabb, 2nd = Bill Peat & Greg Simpson
Best Presented - Ian Edwards 82A
Most Improved - David McIvor 15A
Most Spectacular - Wayne Bright 43A
'Minties' Moment - Nevano Cowan 9A
Rookie of the Year - Erin Gribble 5A
Top Stirrer - Jody Hooker 81A
2003 Auckland Champs - 1st = Lionel Mason 19A & Neville McNabb 11A
2003 Streetstock Smash 'n' Grab - 1st Mark McNabb 12A

Standard Stocks

Heat One - 1st Neville Langdon 45A, 2nd Andrew Weir 44A, 3rd Noel Hawthorne 5A
Heat Two - 1st Neville Langdon, 2nd Noel Hawthorne, 3rd Clint Herring 57A
Feature - 1st Neville Langdon, 2nd Noel Hawthorne, 3rd Peter Church 2NZ/66A
Overall - 1st Neville Langdon, 2nd Noel Hawthorne, 3rd Clint Herring
Best Presented - Paul Carson 46A
Most Improved - Andrew Weir 44A
Most Spectacular - Paully Rawiri 137A
'Minties' Moment - Richard Fletcher 69A
Rookie of the Year - Norman Anderson 72A
Top Stirrer 'The Ross Canty Trophy' - Paully Rawiri 137A
2003 Auckland Champs - 1st Blu Rawiri 7M
2003 Auckland Standard Stock Classic - 1st Peter Church 2NZ/66A

A Grade Stockcars

Heat One - 1st Dayne Wright 7A, 2nd Aaron Headington 16A, 3rd Gary Ellis 11A
Heat Two - 1st Dayne Wright, 2nd Dave Tennant 75A, 3rd Steve Pribicevich 15A
Feature - 1st Dayne Wright, 2nd Rick Campbell 17A 3rd Steve Pribicevich
Overall - 1st Dayne Wright, 2nd Aaron Headington, 3rd Steve Pribicevich
Best Presented - Dayne Wright 7A & Graham Goldsmith 8A
Most Improved - Graham Goldsmith 8A
'Minties' Moment - Gary Ellis 11A & Dion Ansty 41A
Rookie of the Year - Phillip Marx 53A
2003 Auckland Champs - 1st Rodney Wood 51M
2003 Auckland Superstock Classic - 1st Neil McCoard 4R

Limited Saloons

Heat One - 1st Gavin Hinsley 58A, 2nd Lyn Yates 11A, 3rd Doug Torrey 6A
Heat Two - 1st Gavin Hinsley, 2nd Doug Torrey, 3rd Lyn Yates
Feature - 1st Doug Torrey, 2nd Gavin Hinsley, 3rd Lyn Yates
Overall - 1st Gavin Hinsley, 2nd Doug Torrey, 3rd Lyn Yates
Best Presented - Doug Torrey 6A
Most Improved - Lance Shephard 17A
Most Spectacular - Gavin Hinsley 58A
'Minties' Moment - Craig Duthie 75A
Rookie of the Year - Shane Elia 27A
2003 Auckland Champs - 1st Steve Louden 32A

Super Saloons

Overall - 1st Lance Jennings 96A, 2nd Glen Turner 45A, 3rd Stu Harker 79A
Best Presented - Glen Turner 45A
Most Improved - Stu Harker 79A
Most Spectacular - Lance Jennings 96A
Rookie of the Year - Stu Harker 79A
2003 Auckland Champs - 1st Lance Jennings 96A
2003 Super Saloon Stampede - 1st Dennis Bolt 6C


Heat One - 1st Brian Jesen 6A, 2nd Jamie Fox 1NZ/99A, 3rd Scott Lane 19A
Heat Two - 1st Scott Lane, 2nd Jamie Fox, 3rd Brian Jesen
Feature - 1st Scott Lane, 2nd Brian Jesen, 3rd Jamie Fox
Overall - 1st Scott Lane, 2nd Brian Jesen, 3rd Jamie Fox
Best Presented - Alan Haigh 59A
Most Improved - Ron Drake 7A
Most Spectacular - Scott Lane 19A
'Minties' Moment - Brian Jesen 6A
2003 Auckland Champs - 1st Jamie Fox 1NZ/99A
2003 Super Dirt Cup - 1st Glen Leech 29C

Special Awards

Most Spectacular Driver of the Year (All Classes) - Scott Lane (Modified 19A)
Sportsman of the Year - Jamie Fox (Modified 1NZ/99A) & Peter Church (Standard Stock 2NZ/66A).

As joint recipients of the Sportsman of the Year Trophy, Jamie Fox and Peter Church were both acknowledged for their stellar 2002/2003 speedway season's. Jamie Fox (Container Sales & Leasing Lovelady/Chev 1NZ/99A) won The NZ Modified Champs, The North Island Champs, The Auckland Champs, and was second at The Modified Super Dirt Cup, which of course was won by Christchurch's Glen Leech (Pothole People Harris/Chev 29C).

Peter Church (Tyre Busters Ford V8 2NZ/66A) was second at The NZ Champs, third at The NZ Standard Stock Grand Prix, second at The East Coast Champs, second at The Waikato Champs, and won The Auckland Classic and The West Coast Champs. Wow, what a season! Both drivers were great ambassadors for their club and sport, as they always have been, at both their home track of Waikaraka Park, and also at any away from home track they travelled to this season. Well done guys, well deserved!

A special presentation was also made to longtime Auckland Stockcar stalwart Dave Tennant (Southpac Trucks Chev 75A). Dave announced his retirement from Stockcar racing this season after his car was sold to Mark Nichols in Christchurch. After a long career, highlighted by his NZ Stockcar Championship win in 1989 at Gisborne, many UK trips to represent NZ and race F1 Stockcars, and many hard years of racing for The Auckland Allstars, with the likes of Frank Irvine, Kelvin Gray, Ricky Mitchell, Noel Phipps, Billy Neill, Clark Procter, Neil McCoard, and Graeme Howe, Dave's looking forward to spending some quality time with his family after twenty-five years of racing! That's until his boy is old enough for a Ministock in the next year or so

As recognition for his outstanding service to Auckland Stockcar racing, the decision was made to retire Dave's familiar #75 number from Auckland's Stockcar ranks, which I don't think has been done before at Waikaraka Park. I may be wrong, and I'm sure someone will correct on me on this fact if I am Dave was presented with a framed picture of his number for him to display and keep, along with another identical one to hang in the ASSCC Waikaraka Park clubrooms. To top this wonderful presentation off a couple of weeks later, Dave was also made a life member of The Auckland Stock and Saloon Car Club at the AGM.

To round off the prizegiving evening, Concept Promotion's Ian Foster presented NZ Modified Champ Jamie Fox with an amazing wooden and bronze laurel wreath, celebrating his fantastic NZ title win this past season. Jamie was lost for words at such a magnificent piece of artwork, which will also adorn the ASSCC clubroom wall, as part of an honors board that is currently in progress.

2003 NZ Speedway Awards (Baypark, Mt. Maunganui 19/7/03)

The Auckland Stock and Saloon Car Club (ASSCC) and some of it's members also had a very successful and enjoyable evening at The 2003 New Zealand Speedway Awards held at Baypark Speedway's function room on July 19 2003.

Auckland's first award win was for their souvenir programme from The 2003 Auckland Stockcar Teams Championships, which took out Best Promotional Event Programme. Former Standard Stock racer Annette Riley put the programme together, with assistance from Clint Herring and Jamie McCarthy. A big thanks must also go to 'The Sign Man' Neil Sampson for his superb cover artwork, and Ian Abrahams for his endless supply of photos.

A presentation was made to all of The NZ Champions for The 2003 season, and Auckland's own Jamie Fox was called up for his NZ Modified Championship win. To top off the night for the Auckland Club, Jamie Fox took out the prestigious Modified Competitor of the Year Award, with Auckland's Bill Peat winning the Streetstock Competitor of the Year, and current 2NZ Peter Church taking out the Standard Stock Competitor of the Year.

A total rundown of all of The 2003 NZ Speedway Awards winners should be out later this week, in the August 2003 edition of New Zealand Dirt Track Magazine (NZDTR).

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