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<Oct 2004>
An uneventful AGM was held at the clubrooms on May 26th.

Carlos Chesnutt remains the Club President as he had completed only the first of his two year term.

Dayne Wright returns as Vice-President and Janice Dresden the treasurer. Mathew Fergusson is the Secretary and there were two committee members elected on the night. Dave Crookson and Mike Hallinan.

There will be further members co-opted on to the committee.

Craig Duthie advised that every cent of the $140,571.68 owed to creditors at the end of the previous financial year had been paid. The cheques for the final few cents in the dollar had been posted that day.

Total assets belonging to the club were valued at $225,474.00 and the club equity in the financial report was listed as being $181,897.00. The club's profit for the year was $34,542.

There was very little General Business of any importance but of interest were the following items.

The lease on Waikaraka Park remains current until 2006 and indictations have been given to the President that the lease will be renewed so long as one of the bleachers that currently is sited directly underneath power lines is resited.

The under track wiring for the Electronic Lap scoring will be installed over the winter months. The cost will be borne by Waikaraka Park Promotions by the system will be owned by the club. The promoter is responsible for the maintenance of all equipement used at the track at no cost to the club.

The Promoter intends to run a weekly show (starting in November and running through to April) and intends to ensure that the racing is entertaining. By providing entertaining racing, right through the night, the promoter expects to build the crowd base that pays to come to watch Speedway.

The meeting closed at 8-53 having started on time at 7-30 p.m.

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