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<Oct 2004>
Off to Conference
ASSCC Club President Carlos Chesnutt and Waikaraka Speedway track promoter Frank Irvine will represent the club at the SNZ conference.

They will apply for several Championships including the New Zealand Stockcar Championship and 2006 New Zealand Standard Stock Championship.
Auckland is also due for the New Zealand Modified Championship and New Zealand Saloon G.P. and these Championships will be applied for to be run in 2007.

The club's representatives at the SNZ conference will also present a proposed calendar for the 2004/2005 season at Waikaraka Speedway.

Some details have been leaked in the latest NZDTR but the calendar will not be issued until ratified at conference. The season is set to start on Sept 25th 2004 with Super Stocks, Super Saloons, Stockcars, Streetstocks amd Mini Sprints. At the next meeting, on the 2nd October, it is expected that the Modified section and Limited Saloons division will be raced along with Solos, Mini Stox, Stockcars and Super Stocks.

There are in fact 32 meetings planned. There is a big Super Stock meeting planned for Jan 28th and 29th, a two day meeting. The Stockcar division has a huge two day meeting as well scheduled for the 28th and 29th December.

The Super Stocks have their Teams Nationals on March 18th and 19th and the Stockcars will have their teams meeting, a revamped Xtreme Teams Meeting, on the 26th February. The City of Sails Classic for Super Stocks is scheduled for January 1st and the Stockcar Classic earlier on the 27th November.

The Modified Dirt Cup will be raced one week after the New Zealand Modified Championship at Huntly. The ASSCC is working very closely with the Waikato Club for the 2004/2005 season and will alter the original date scheduled for the Dirt Cup if SNZ deny Huntly the date they originally scheduled for the Championship. At this stage, prior to conference, the New Zealand Modified Championships will be on the 8th January and the Dirt Cup on the 15th. However with the New Zealand Saloon Championships scheduled for the same date in Blenheim and Baypark running the NZ Std Stock Champs on the same week-end the New Zealand Modified Championship may be forced to be delayed a week (and compete against the World 240s which is being raced at Rotorua in 2005 as the owner of the event will not have his own track up and running with all facilities until 2006).

When the Waikaraka Speedway calendar for 2004-2005 is ratified by SNZ and released to ASSCC club members, initially through this site, the actual dates will have been be confirmed. The North Island Modified Championship is scheduled at Waikaraka for the 12th March. The big Super Saloon dates on the calendar are the Nationals scheduled for 4th January and the Gold Cup on the 4th December.

Auckland Championships for Modifieds and Super Salons are scheduled very early in the season on November 13th (the 7th meeting). The Auckland Championships for Streetstocks, Stockcars, Limited Saloons and MiniStox are all on the same night, 18th December. The Auckland MiniSprint Championships have yet to have a confirmed date but will run on the same night as the Modified Dirt Cup.

As scheduled the Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Super Saloons are each scheduled 15 times to race at Waikaraka Speedway over the season. Limited Saloons have 22 dates, Streetstocks 19 meetings, Mini Stox 18 nights of track action, Mini Sprints 11 dates and Stockcars an incredible 27 scheduled nights on which they can compete on their home track!

The first Mad Butcher Demolition Derby of the season is scheduled for November 27th and the last Derby of the season will be on the final night April 23rd.

As soon as possible an accurate and confirmed calendar will be released on this site and at the monthly Driver's Meeting.

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