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Q. Have you thought about changing the way you pay prizemoney for Stockcars. Iinstead of paying 1st 2nd and 3rd why don't you divide all the money between the team of the winning car. It would make for more contact.
A. It is an idea worthy of thought. In England Banger racing is primarily teams focused with the drivers forming themselves into groups. At Waikaraka Speedway there is the traditional winner takes all feature at the Teams Nationals where drivers form liasions between teams and share the winners purse. Unfortunately the teams racing is so brutal that the race struggles to get starters.The big Standard stock meeting planned for Dec 28th and 29th, the Waikaraka Speedway Stockcar Stampede, which will pay a heap of prizemoney, has a winner take all feature  race on the first night.

Q. Why are you starting the season so early?
A. Weather patterns over the last 4 or 5 years have seen bad weather in late October/November. Late September/early October has tended to be dry so by starting early competitors will get some early season racing on good a track rather than the frustration of rain-out after rain out before Christmas.

Q. Why is there no Demolition Derby Teams meeting on your calendar?
A. Because SNZ have banned such events. Negotiations are still underway to come up with an acceptable format that ANZ will permit.

Q. Last year you trialed Jalopy racing. Do you intend to have Jalopy racing again next season and what are the rules?
A. Yes Jalopy racing was a great innovation and well received. The cars must have window nets but basically only need to be well prepped Derby cars. The racing is definitely non contact and as happened last season if a couple of drivers get too willing the race is immediately red lighted.

Q. Will you be changing the way rolling starts happen and make it more like at other tracks without the boring slow laps before the green even after all the cars are ready to race.
A. The promotion is very keen to have the races start as soon as possible. The extra slow lap is a SNZ initiative which sounded good but in practise is simply too boring for the spectators. Hopefully SNZ will allow a change in procedure for next season.

Q. How many Modifieds have you got for next season?
A. Apparently a dozen regulars, but as always until the first meeting we will not know for sure which drivers are going to sit out another season.

Q.What happened to the big screen that used to be at Waikaraka?
A.It was more a little screen compared to what The Springs used. Unfortunately it was quite complicated and some past committees did not have the expertise or the inclination to keep the big screen operating. The computer that was needed to drive the graphics on the screen was stolen along with the software and was never replaced. It would be quite expensive to get the big screen set up, it has to be mounted properly, and a new programme bought in from China before the screen could be used again.

Q. Last year you banned deck chairs from the top of the grandstand. It was a good idea. Are they still banned?
A. Yes. Sand chairs are fine but not those deck chairs that take up too much room. People are more than welcome to sit in deck chairs on the back straight as long as they are considerate of other spectators who pay the same amount to get in to watch the racing.

Q. Last year you raced the Gold Cup instead of the Salooncar Nationals. Why can't you have both?
A. Last season the Super Saloon Nationals were canned from the original date so that the South Pacific Champs could be run on the same night at Baypark. The Gold Cup was always supposed to be an early season big meeting for invited drivers, and was never envisaged to be a replacement for the Nationals. Although the last few runnings of the Saloon Nationals have not been that successful the event is definitely on the calendar in 2005.

Q. Why did you stop putting the results on the web site after a meeting?
A. Unfortunately the person who was responsible for getting the chart onto the computer let the club down. Next season the results will be put on the web site after every meeting. The short meeting review will again be on
www.aucklandspeedway.co.nz in time for breakfast reading on a Sunday and the results and photos should be on within a few days after every meeting.

Q. Because of the number of Standard Stocks will you be splitting the field into two on normal nights?
A. No. It probably will not be necessary. If the pits are overflowing with cars a better answer to the problem would be to have an extra race rather than split the field into two. Attrition would mean that every driver would still get three races on the night and the crowd would get to see full fields in every race.

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