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Latest Q & A's
Q. Who do I ring about racing my Limited at Waikaraka Speedway next season?
Suggested contacts are:
Kevin Head 09-9197918 or 021-879715
Carlos Chesnutt 2630164 or 021 665439
Marrisa Gough 6330900
Murray Bates 2636777 or 021-912014
Mark Dixon

Q. What time do the practices start?
Saturday 11
th September 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Wednesday 15
th September 4 p,m, to 7 p.m.
Saturday 18
th September 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Q. Will you be starting the first few meetings earlier because of the cold?
No, 7 p.m. starts. The fans will be bringing jackets anyway no matter what time the meeting kicks off.

Q. Are the Modified Champs on Jan 1st? Your Web-site and the Modified web-site have different dates.
Yes the Champs are now scheduled for the 1
st January. Please appreciate that not everything you read on the Internet is accurate. Some of the dates the Modified section were scheduled to race at Waikaraka Speedway needed to be re-arranged to accommodate the Modified Series that is being organised for some North Island tracks. The Auckland round of the Modified Series has been scheduled for Nov 13th.

Q. Why can't I print your calendar off the web-site?
You can, it just looks messy. At this stage the calendar is still unofficial but it is very close to being finalized. As soon as the calendar is accurate a print friendly version will go up on the Internet. During the week SNZ accepted the proposed season calendar but with one exception. Also there is still one meeting that is tentative, but it is intended that all those who are at the next driver's meeting will get an updated version of the calendar. The next driver's meeting is scheduled for Sept. 8

Q. Are there going to be International Solo racers based at Waikaraka Speedway like last year?
Yes. A troupe will arrive at Christmas and spent most of January racing on the BullRing. The International stars will start their tour in the South Island on Dec 28
th and do about six meeting in a week before getting back to Auckland. There will probably be a meeting in Auckland, (possibly at Waikaraka Speedway, around the BullRing) straight after Christmas to allow the Internationals to tune their bikes and blow the Northern Hemisphere colds away before they head south.

Q.  What is happening about the thirty thousand dollar Super Stockcar Invitation meeting on Auckland Anniversary Week-end?
At the moment it is cancelled. Because of clash of dates on January 22
nd with a meeting in Gisborne and the World 248's in Palmerston North, Waikaraka Speedway has offered to cancel their Invitation. It is probable that the World 248's will be on the Auckland Anniversary week-end. Incidentally the talk of the meeting paying $30,000.00 is just that. It is very unlikely any track in the country would pay that much to one section for a one-day meeting. At the very early stages of preparing a calendar for Waikaraka Speedway a two-day meeting over the Auckland Anniversary Week-end was muted and somebody may have seen a piece of paper that should have been confidential that mentioned the thirty grand (plus) prize-money purse.

Q. Are you paying travel money to any Super Stockcar that comes to race at Waikaraka at any meeting? How much to come from Rotorua?
Travel money will be paid to any Auckland registered competitor who does not live in the greater Auckland area. Travel money could also be paid to any driver travelling to race at Waikaraka Speedway who is not registered to Auckland but they will need to confirm their entry for the meeting by ringing the promoter by at least the Monday night before they turn up. There is a budget for travel money and Auckland registered drivers will get preference when it comes to the payments.

Any car coming out of Rotorua to race at Waikaraka Speedway is in the $100.00 zone. But be aware that the $100.00 travel money is only an automatic payment for drivers registered to Auckland and living in Rotorua. Others need to confirm that they will be racing at a Waikaraka Speedway meeting about a week in advance. Visiting cars that just turn up are not entitled to travel money. Of course the prize-money fund for Super Stockcars is excellent. The minimum prize-money , for even a normal night's racing, is $1,500.00 (in addition to the promised travel money).

Q. I have heard that there is to be another two day meeting in January. Will stockcars be racing on the Friday night?
The meeting for the 21
st-22nd January is still tentative. Stockcars will be scheduled for the second night and could also be programmed on the Friday if enough drivers indicate that they want to race.

Q. How come some drivers have a list of what sections are racing and what classes are stood down at different meetings and I don't?
You must have missed the driver's meeting at Waikaraka Speedway when the expanded version of the season's calendar was printed off and given to everyone in attendance. The latest calendar, with stand-downs and who is racing on each night, will be issued to drivers on Wednesday night 8
th Sept.

Q. Your calendar does not have any dates for ATV's. Aren't you racing them this year?
Yes ATV's will be part of the programme at Waikaraka Speedway in 2004-2005. The dates the exciting bikes will be racing will be announced after the ATV club has had a chance to work out when they want to come to the track.

Q. Is the Stockcar Stampede during the Christmas holidays for Super Stockcars or Standard Stocks?
Stockcars. In Auckland for the last few years, actually quite a few years, we have called A-Grade Stockcars; Super Stocks and Standard Stocks; Stockcars. The entry form for the Stampede is supposed to be available to locals at the September driver's meeting. Apparently the total payment to Stockcar drivers for the meeting is over $28,000.00, the entries are limited to eighty cars and every driver who qualifies for the Stampede gets a commemorative vase.

Q. Will you be updating the web-site more regularly than you have been doing?
Yes. When there is something to write the web-site will have it. The season starts in a few weeks and every meeting will have a review up on the web-site by Sunday breakfast time and new photographs every Tuesday night.

Q. What's happened to the stands in Cemetery Bend?
One of them needed to be resited away from the overhead power lines. The others needed to have new concrete pads to stand on. The ASSCC has decided to completely renovate the stands and have pulled them down to make the necessary repairs.  Hopefully they will be up again later in the season.

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