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1st practice (unofficial)

The next practice at Waikaraka Speedway will be from 4 p.m. on Wednesday September 15
th. Driver's sign on will follow from 7-30 p.m. 110904_0037

Although the track at Waikaraka Park has passed inspection apparently two bits of paper work need to be completed before SNZ will officially sanction Waikaraka Speedway's new season. 110904_0030 That paper work will be finalised on Wednesday.

Unfortunately the Wednesday practice, as was the first on Saturday, 11
th September will be unofficial. SNZ insist on three official practices before Waikaraka Speedway can have it's opening meeting.110904_0024
The opening meeting is irrevocably set for September 25
th. To accommodate SNZ's requirements the official practices will now be from 11 a.m. on Saturday 18th, 3 p.m. Saturday 18th and 3 p.m. Sunday 19th September. Mentoring, also required by SNZ prior to the first meeting, will take place between the first and 110904_0034second 'official' practices.

The first meeting at Waikaraka Speedway, September 25
th, will start at 7 p.m. Those drivers, from other tracks, that have already asked to be included in the programme for the opening meeting are advised that their entries have been accepted. 110904_0033
Local competitors will be competing for double points, and prize-money. Travel money will be paid where applicable (visiting drivers must ring and confirm) and the normal prize-money schedule will be paid.

The MiniStox section is now included in the race programme for the first meeting.

Sections racing on the 25th September will be both Stockcar classes, both Saloon classes, Modifieds, Streetstocks and MiniStox.

110904_0040  110904_0038

The unofficial practice on September 11
th was well supported and the number of vehicles and people who where there for a look see exceeded expectations.

110904_0024  110904_0039

All photographs taken at the first practice (unofficial) by The Action Photographer, Ian Abrahams.

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