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09/Oct/2004Meeting Canned
07/Oct/2004Oct 9th meeting preview
06/Oct/20042004-2005 Calendar
24/Sep/2004Season Opener
21/Sep/2004Preview Meeting 1
18/Sep/2004Official Practice
11/Sep/20041st practice (unofficial)
05/Sep/2004Latest Q & A's
13/Aug/2004Date changes
01/Aug/2004Question and Answers
01/Aug/2004More Questions and Answers
28/Jun/20042005-2006 Championships
27/Jun/2004In the news
24/Jun/2004Off to Conference
11/Jun/2004Austin Powers Night
02/Jun/2004ASSCC AGM 2004
22/May/2004Queens Birthday Weekend
06/May/2004ASSCC AGM 2004
04/May/2004Prizegiving 2004
20/Apr/2004The season is over for Waikaraka Speedway
13/Apr/2004Saturday Meeting
30/Mar/2004Big night and Champions in every section
28/Mar/2004Meeting #19 coming up.
21/Mar/2004Caravan Derby
20/Mar/2004Stockcar Teams Racing at it's very best
17/Mar/2004Teams Nationals
14/Mar/2004The Teams Nationals
11/Mar/2004Auckland Champs, Mini Stox Classic and Mini Sprint Teams
11/Mar/2004What is happening in the next two weekends
10/Mar/2004A quick look at what's scheduled.
07/Mar/2004March 13th meeting
28/Feb/2004Surprise Surprise
22/Feb/2004Meeting Number 14
18/Feb/200421st February 2004
15/Feb/2004Mad Butcher Derby Night
10/Feb/2004Teams Racing
04/Feb/2004Xtreme Teams meeting now set.
03/Feb/2004Who would want to be a Speedway promoter?
02/Feb/200432 Events on Programme for 7th Feb.
31/Jan/200407 February 2004
25/Jan/2004Xtreme Stockcar Teams Racing
15/Jan/2004Meetings 10 and 11 and 12 and................
11/Jan/200417th January 2004
04/Jan/2004Mad Butcher Derby time again
29/Dec/2003Waikaraka in the New Year
27/Dec/2003Next meeting
21/Dec/2003Meeting 27th December 2003
16/Dec/2003Super Saloon Champs
08/Dec/2003Rain Rain Go Away
07/Dec/2003Three Auckland Championships
30/Nov/2003Meeting #5
22/Nov/2003Meeting Number 3
22/Nov/2003Meeting Number 3
17/Nov/2003Early Start
16/Nov/2003Demolitiion Derby
10/Nov/2003Auckland City of Sails Stockcar Classic
04/Nov/2003Points, Trophies and Money Up For Grabs
23/Oct/2003First Practise
14/Oct/2003To All Drivers
23/Sep/2003Waikaraka Park Promotions
15/Aug/2003Promotion Update
06/Aug/20032002/2003 Season Prizegiving & 2003 NZ Speedway Awards
08/Jul/2003Welcome to a new season at Waikaraka Park


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The season is over for Waikaraka Speedway.

The promoter is working on updates to the facilities at Waikaraka, including replenshing the lost surfaces on both the main track and the BullRing.

The 2003-2004 season was a success in many ways and consideration is being given now to building on the solid foundations made last season to make next year better. Average crowd numbers will be increased next Speedway season by making the racing at Waikaraka Speedway more entertaining, consistently.

The promoter is currently working on the calendar for the 2004-2005 racing season.

Tentative dates will include the Modified Dirt Cup in mid January, the oce called Super Saloon Nationals in late January, the Super Stock Teams Nationals in mid March and a major Stockcar meeting, mid week in the last week in December. The John Webster Memorial will be mid April.

The City of Sails Super Stock Classic will probably be again raced early in the season. The City of Sails Stockcar Classic which was initially postponed and finally raced late in the season in 2004 will possibly again be raced as an April promotion in 2005. The Xtreme Stockcar Teams will again be programmed as will the successful Super Saloon Gold Cup.

The suggestion, made by many, to run an Easter Meeting at Waikaraka Speedway, perhaps the John Webster Memorial, over two days, is being considered, but that decision will be one of the last made regarding the calendar for the speedway season 2004-2005.

The new web site after a couple of glitches, people problems rather than computer, will over the next few weeks become fully functionally. Comments are welcomed.

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