An abbrievated report on the Team's Nationals
The Todd and Pollock Baypark Busters won the Teams Nationals at Waikaraka Speedway.

The Busters are the undisputed best Stockcar Team in the country, having now won back to back titles in Auckland. The Busters also won the Palmerston North Teams Champs. The six drivers who made up the team are Rodney Wood, Ross Ashby, Kyle Fraser, Bryce Steiner, Kerry Remnant with Jeff Mohi as the sixth driver. Mark Walker is the Team Manager.

The Todd and Pollock Busters beat the Auckland Assassins in the final at Waikaraka Speedway.

Earlier the Rotorua Rebels beat the Waikato Wanderers in the run-off to decide third and fourth.

The North Island Select beat the Auckland Attackers in the run off to decide 5th and 6th places.

The racing was of a brutal nature in front of a large appreciative crowd.

Every driver became a hero to the crowd, and there was action aplenty. Highlights included a triple flip in the first turn of a semi-final when Rodney Wood, Ross Ashby and Neil McCoard all rolled in the same incident. Ashby landed on his wheels and kept going only to cause a red light when he was caught later in the same race and planted on the concrete wall by Robbie Mabey.

Aaron Headington, in a borrowed car, had a huge dump which included an end over end flip, a barrell roll without touching the ground, hitting the flag marshalls stand on the start finish line and bending the cage when the car landed on it's roof on top of the concrete wall. At the end of the accident the #73a car fell back onto it's wheels and Headington insisted on carrying on with the race. 40 metres after the restart the car was attacked again, did another half lap before getting slammed again and losing a wheel.

Robbie Mabey straight lined race leader Jared Wade into the pit bend concrete after Wade had been tagged and delayed by Mike Herbert. The #33a car picked up the Waikato car half down the straight and went full noise into the wall. Fortunately Wade got the 85 slightly turned before the wall and therefore lived. The ambulance came onto the track to attend a winded Mabey but he refused help as soon as he had got his breath and continued with the race once the green light came on. Wade asked simply to be removed from the track, but once extracted from his car was put in the ambulance. He was later hobbling in the pits.

Barry Hunter, a former Auckland Champion and New Zealand Stockcar Champion, caused a red light when he rolled himself off the wall on the back straight.

There were several races where the leader got tagged in the last lap and after the final the only mobile car for the victory lap was the Buster's reserve car ,#38, driven by Jeff Mohi as Ross Ashby was too sore to race.

The racing was so hard, the hits so big, the damage so great that the final race which paid $3,000.00 to win had to be cancelled due to lack of mobile cars. There were six cars able to take the green and even given time a field that would total only 10 or 12 cars was all that could be readied. The race was planned to have 24 starters. Nobody expressed disappointment that the final race was not run, the fans went home happy.

Super Saloons raced hard on a fast, slightly slick track. They tended to bunch up and race two abreast. Wins went to 45a Glenn Turner, 66s Skinny Colson and 96a Lance Jennings.

The Supers also had two top gun shootouts. The first was won by 2nz Richard Pierce 34.50 secs for two laps from 6a Doug Torrey 35.60 seconds. The second top gun shootout had Skinny Colson go against Lance Jennings. At the end of his two lap timed run Colson spun after the chequered flag. Jennings finished his two laps parked hard in the wall of Cemetery Bend after the chequered flag. Jennings did 34.06 for his two laps and the 66s went round in 33.78 seconds.

Streetstocks raced and Bill Peat took two wins with the other going to Steve Beale.

22 Stockcars faced the starter for the first Stockcar race of the night. Only 14 were fit for the next race that featured some hard hitting action after the chequered flag and a mere nine cars fronted for the feature. Wins went to 22h Blair Ashton, 10a Craig Collins and 96h Scott Redfern.