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Meeting 10 review
The Limited Saloons raced a 40-lap feature.

Phil Towgood won the event from Gavin Hinsley. There was a pit stop after 20 laps where cars took on fuel, some changed tyres and most poured water over their radiators. The pit stop was of a short duration and any car that failed to return to the track immediately was going to be sent rear of field rather than be allowed to restart from the position they held after the first 20 laps.

Nobody delayed coming out of the pits. Gavin Hinsley lead the first 20 laps and therefore on the restart was out front. The 48m car of Phil Towgood hounded the leader for lap after lap eventually forcing Hinsley into a mistake that caused the 58a car to push wide at the apex of Pit Bend late in the race. Towgood powered underneath and although Hinsley came back onto the racing line he couldn't prevent the white car from taking the lead. There was however contact and the 48m car leapt over the front left tyre of Hinsley's green machine. For the last five laps Hinsley watched the rear of the 48m car wiggle and waggle. A rose joint on the end of the rear Panhard of Towgood's car had sheared. The tyres stayed up and the torsion arms survived long enough for the 48m car to take the chequered flag. However a tow truck was needed to take the winner back to the pits.

The Limited Saloons had three qualifying races to earn points towards their grid position for the twin 20-lap feature. Visiting driver Mike Griffiths was the highest qualifier from Gavin Hinsley and Brian Noble. The top six then ran a one lap timed shoot out.

The times were
97a Robin Thomas 17.37 secs
61a Roy Walker 18.15 secs
78a Dave Fisher DNF (engine failure)
26a Brian Noble 17.35 secs
58a Gavin Hinsley 17.34 secs
79m Mike Griffiths 17.31 secs

Griffiths therefore started the twin 20-lap feature from pole, Dave Fisher was a non-starter so grid six was empty and Towgood set off for the 40-laps from grid seven. Although Noble was third at the pit stop, Griffiths passed the local to be in third place at the end of the race. The race was clean and the only yellow was during the first twenty laps when 66a Peter Knedler looped in Pit Bend. Knedler spun again in the second half of the twin feature. Brett Perini had the misfortune to lose an engine in the first half of the race. He stood on gas coming off Cementry, heard a bang and saw the oil pressure guage tumble to the stop.

Streetstocks entertained with little battles happening right through the field all night. Kerry Brewster (8a) and Mike Hallinan (91a) were in particularly stirring moods and both waited for others during the race. In the feature the two took each other hard into the concrete on the first lap. Almost all the competing cars in the Streetstock section were in the action, Tony Gavin and Bill Peat seemingly being the targets for several other drivers. The fourth race for the Streetstock section, on a night when the racing (29 events) was all over and done by 10 p.m., started with the cars gridded up with back bumpers square to the wall.

Wins went to Greg Simpson, Gary Gray, Bill Peat and Tony Gavin with Marc Fleming getting three seconds and a third in the four races.

Nine Modifieds raced hard and fast. There was quite a bit of passing including a successful last lap dive for the lead by Alan Haigh under Jamie Fox in the feature. Haigh won two races and Fox the other.

The Sunday News International Solo Troupe raced on the BullRing along with three local riders. In the second heat Simone Terenzani (Italy) and Shaun Harmatiuk clashed with the yank taking a somersaulting tumble. The riders raced three heats each to accumulate points then the top four raced in the A Final and the second group of four riders the B Final.

The feature race for Solos on the night was a six lap, six rider handicap which was won by Jason Bunyon (England). Bunyon was forced to retire from the A Final when his chain fell off. The suspected cause was the chain had tightened after first corner contact when Simone Ternezani tee-boned the pom after lifting his front wheel mid corner. The race was restarted with all four back and Daniel Nermark (Sweden) won the meeting by crossing the finish line first in the A Final. After the three heats the Italian, the Englishman and the Swede were all equal on seven points each with the young American Shaun Harmatiuk scoring five points. Michael Long and German Sirg Shultzbach scored four points each in the preliminery races.

The German won B Final in a race where the lead changed several times as riders went wide coming off the turns.

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