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Drabble and Wood winners at Meeting #7
City of Sails Super Stock Classic and Auckland Super Stockcar Championship.

Glen Drabble is the 2003-2004 Auckland Super Stockcar Champion.

The Waikato driver won the title in one drama filled 20 lap race. Drabble was up the wall in a shower of sparks early in the race, bounced back onto the track in front of a pack of cars without getting nailed and kept a hot pace to the end as other cars got tangled and slowed. Drabble had started from grid 3 in the Championship race. Warwick Ansty went from the pole alongside 73m Clint Thickpenny.

The Mount car took the lead in the first corner only to spin at the exit of Cemetery Bend with the whole pack bearing down on him. The 20 lap race seemed to be over in a flash such was the speed of the Super Stocks on the fast track. 1nz Jared Wade made it a Waikato one-two when he followed Drabble home. 35r Scott Hewson was awarded third place in the Championship after Englishman, Murray Harrison, who showed blinding pace in the Keith McCabe owned ex-Waka, was disqualified for passing on the grass.

Harrison who lead the race for quite a while made a brilliant start in the #6a car from a grid 10 start. His pass on 51m Rodney Wood, who had rejoined the race to act as King maker, down the straight in front of the grandstand earned the ire of the SNZ officials. Rodney Wood had earlier in the night top scored in the City of Auckland Super Stock Classic and started off the rear of the grid for the Auckland Championship. The 51m car suffered a flat right rear tyre early in the race and after a short spell on the in-field in the early stages of the Auckland Championship went back out into the fray to nail the leaders.

Harrison took 62m Neville Stanaway hard into the Pit Bend concrete, and followed him in. The hit was hard enough to burst Stanaway's belts and necessitate a red light stoppage. Later in the race the Englishman sent 81m Geoff James off the end of the straight into the wall. In spite of the incredible speed of the Super Stocks there was plenty of action. Warwick Ansty had a couple of spins and in one was hit hard by Bryce Steiner who backed it into the wall after the contact.

Bryce Steiner in the 18m car had earlier clashed with Ross Ashby (38m) which delayed both cars. Ashby was another to go into slow mode to delay the leading cars. 'Horse' hitched onto Harrison and delayed him at one stage. Another Mount car that played Stockcars was 92m Kyle Fraser who picked on the Rotorua Ford flyer 3nz Stan Hickey. Earlier Hickey had lost time after a spin with an engine that wouldn't immediately refire.

In the end the spoils went to Glen Drabble and his victory was extremely popular. The betting for the big meetings coming up at other tracks in January must now be thrown wide open. Drabble beat a very classy field on a very fast track to make his first ever chequered flag at Waikaraka Speedway a big one.

Results Auckland Super Stockcar Championship.

1st 28h Glen Drabble
2nd 1nz Jarod Wade
3rd 35r Scott Hewson
4th 81m Geoff James
5th 92m Kyle Fraser
6th 336r Barry Hunter Jnr
7th 414a Warwick Ansty
8th 18m Bryce Steiner
9th 38m Ross Ashby

Earlier in the night Super Stocks flew through three 15 lap races that scored points that counted towards the City of Sails Super Stock Classic. 26 Super Stocks fronted for the Classic. Neil McCoard the defending Champion arrived late, but in time to take his place in the field, with his brand new creation. Although Neil had put the #4 car on the track at Rotorua the night before for 4 hot laps the City of Sails Classic was the first race for the car. It was also the first outing for Murray Harrison in the #6a machine. Murray started from grid 26 in the first heat (McCoard was allocated grid 25) which gave the Englishman grid one for the final heat after a mid field start in the second race.

In the first heat Rodney Wood (who was the defending Auckland Stockcar Champion and had finished last year's classic runner-up behind McCoard) got a gearbox full of loose teeth when the green fell. Whilst the rest of the Super Stocks completed a lap Wood sat on the in field until he found he still had top gear and was able to chug away and into the race. Kelvin Grey was the winner of that first heat in spite of a loud popping from the exhausts. The ignition problems, initially though to be caused by a water leak creating a short, caused the 46p car to miss the second heat, withdraw from the third and to stay parked in the pits for the Auckland Championship.

Flat left rear tyres were the story of the race. Blair Neal copped a puncture whilst racing in second place. Neville Stanaway was up close to the front when his tyre went flat. Nevano Cowan (49a) also had a flat tyre that smashed the bird cage holding the rear axle and put the spectacular Streetstock driver out for the night. The drive of the race came from Murray Harrison who came through the field to finish sixth in spite of a car that turned the 'wrong' way under brakes. Another Auckland registered car that had a great run in that first heat was 8a Graham Goldsmith. Goldsmith was up to second when the car turned into the wall then bounced back into the traffic facing the wrong way. In the hits that followed Goldsmith was hurt and a red light was thrown to rescue the stricken driver. (Graham Goldsmith was shaken but sore and was taken to hospital as a precaution). The red light came on after the chequered flag had been waved but before the last seven cars in the race had crossed the finish line. A query over the results delayed the programme and extra races were needed to fill in the gaps and allow sufficient time for the Super Stockcars to be fettled between races.

In the second heat of the Classic Kyle Fraser was into the wall in the second corner. Stan Hickey was turned around, 6a was spun like a top then hooked up on the bumper of another car a few laps later. Jared Wade was fired into the concrete in pit bend. Neil McCoard retired with some sort of malady to the inlet valve train. Gary Hunter had a front wheel dangling and Dave Roigard sheared a hub on the left rear. Blair Neal circulated slowly for most of the race trying to get his engine temperature down to somewhere close to normal. The 271m car was trailered for the rest of the night (after the second heat) rather than risk damaging the motor by cooking it. Steve Pribicevich in 115m continued his run of bad luck when he put a hole in the sump after being fired into the Cemetery Bend wall. The motor cut as soon as the oil pressure dropped leaving the Auckland based driver stranded at the start of the back straight for much of the race until rescued by another driver who pushed the stricken 115m to the in-field.

In the third and deciding heat Harrison lead most of the way until coming off the final bend. Rodney Wood had tracked the Pom through the whole race and got up to win the heat by what was called 25 centimetres at the flag.

Results City of Sails Super Stockcar Classic.

1st 51m Rodney Wood 67 points
2nd 1nz Jared Wade 63 points
3rd 3nz Stan Hickey 62 points
4th= 18m Bryce Steiner 61 points
4th= 6a Murray Harrison 61 points
6th 81m Geoff James 58 points
7th 62m Neville Stanaway 57 points
8th 35r Scott Hewson 56 points
9th 92m Kyle Fraser 46 points
10th 38m Ross Ashby 44 points

In the support classes Skinny Colson was magic and made a clean sweep of the Super Saloon classes racing hard on the soft cushion most of the night.

Gavin Hinsley finally tracked down the problem that was plaguing his engine and causing it to suffer from fuel starvation to record two good wins in the Limited Saloon class. Brian Jesen picked up two wins in the Modified class and Richard Fletcher two wins in the Stockcar section. Streetstock winners were Mark Fleming, Bill Peat and Greg Simpson.

Meeting Seven Result Sheet

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