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Colson's Christmas present
Skinny Colson, Super Saloon # 66s, won the Auckland Super Saloon Championship at Waikaraka Speedway at the 20th December meeting.

The Auckland Limited Saloon Championship was also raced and Phil Towgood (48m) won that title.

Daniel Knight (25a) is the new Auckland MiniStox Champion.

The final meeting before Christmas was a cracker. Good fields on a fast track provided great entertainment and the 24 races were all done by 10.05 p.m. The Auckland Super Saloon Championship was decided over a 25-lap feature. The 14 cars that contested the title raced two heats earlier in the night to determine the grid positions for the Championship race.

After qualifying Colson and Lance Jennings shared the top points scorer laurels with 25 points each. 72m Ken Sines and 74m Craig Richards were next, equal on 22 points. Doug Torrey started 5th on the grid for the 25 lapper after he had scored 21 points in the two heats and Glenn Turner had 19 points. Next were Steve Williams and Reece Jones with 17 and 13 points respectively.

The first heat for Super Saloons saw Ben Harding in #24a go from pole with Ken Sines outside. Andrew Marks (91m) and Doug Torrey (6a) shared row two in front of 99a Shane McInteer (now with a spiffing black colour scheme) and 98a Graeme Andrew.

Ben Harding took an early lead but his car hasn't felt right since he dumped it at Huntly and the #24a spun away the lead. Doug Torrey was on a mission and took the lead and held off a determined charge by Skinny Colson over the last four laps. At the chequered flag three cars crossed the finish line in an eye blink with Craig Richards pipping Colson on the line to steal second place. Shane McInteer was the only car to leave the track on the hook, although Wayne Hall (69s) was also a non-finisher.

At the start of the second heat for the Super Saloons Ben Harding was in-field with a stalled engine even before the green fell. Lance Jennings took off into a fine lead. The race went yellow, for a long time, after Graeme Andrew smashed hard into the pit bend concrete. The outlet fuel line from the tank came fully adrift but, although there was a flash fire that put itself out, the Red Corvette made it safely to the infield. There the methanol soaked into the ground before exploding into flame. Eight fire extinguished later the fire was finally got under control. Even foam could not stop the methanol fuelled flame burning out the ground. Eventually the car with three flat tyres and broken steering was hooked clear of the burning earth and the ground was put out. On the race restart Jennings held off Richards and after several other spins and minor collisions between competitors farther back in the field Jennings and Colson fought for the lead by racing side by side for nearly 3 laps.

Auckland Super Saloon Championship.

1st 66s Skinny Colson
2nd 96a Lance Jennings
3rd 45a Glenn Turner
4th 74m Craig Richards
5th 6a Doug Torrey
6th 21m Steve Williams
7th 72m Ken Sines

The Mini Stox raced their Auckland Championship over three heats. The winners of the races were Ricky Corban, Scott Phipps and Daniel Knight.

Auckland Mini Stox Championship

1st 25a Daniel Knight 54 points
2nd 36a Blair Mitchell 51 points
2nd 16a Ricki Corban 51 points
4th 12a Scott Phipps 46 points
5th 99a Jay Waugh 45 points
6th 33a James Cossey 38 points
7th 8a Adam Mills 37 points
8th 82a Robert Neill 34 points
9th 49a Samual Sykes 33 points
10th 93a Josh O'Brien 30 points
10th 9a Richard Pearce 30 points
12th 51m Aaron Staats 27 points
13th 211a Zane Hodge 25 points
14th 96a Issac Drysdale 19 points
15th 21a Areena McCormick 14 points
16th 88a Alvin Narayan 13 points
17th 31a Shane Cole 11 points
18th 72a Seth McConchie 6 points
19th 46a Ryan Turner 4 points

A reasonable field of 18 cars contested an attrition filled Auckland Limited Saloon Championship over three heats. Two visitors shared the front row for the first heat, Aranu Nepia on pole with 41m Neville Stuart outside. Stuart opened a handy lead but behind him all sorts of drama unfolded. 58a Gavin Hinsley found the green curse was still with him as the engine in his fast Saloon kept stopping. He has checked and replaced everything possible so it has to be green goblins or Leprechauns making the engine die temporarily. When the 58 engine stopped mid corner, in a nose to tail shunt Robin Thomas tore the end of the steering rack.

Later 61a Roy Walker and 26a Brian Noble tangled fighting for third spot. During the yellow flag period 33a John Parlato watched his temperature gauge climb higher and higher. He eventually pulled to the in-field when the needle reached 265 degrees. Stuart in the little 41m felt his car starting to dance about erratically and just after Towgood had popped past to take the lead a steering tie rod end broke going down the straight. Late in the race oil spilling onto an over flow pipe billowed smoke behind the 44a of Troy Parlato (the oil pressure stayed steady at 60) but the big black racer blew a radiator hose and retired unseen inside a huge steam cloud to the in-field.

The field was reduced to 13 starters for the second heat in the Limited title. That race was won by a patient through traffic, but hard charging, Phil Towgood. Brian Noble actually led most of the way in a race that went from green to chequered without a yellow. In the third heat Noble went from grid 6 and Towgood from grid 7. They finished in that order.

Auckland Limited Saloon Championship

1st 48m Phil Towgood 53 points
2nd 26a Brian Noble 52 points
3rd 23a Brett Perini 41 points
3rd 17m Tony Heuvel 41 points
5th 95a Kevin Head 38 points
6th 9h Bryce Louden 35 points
6th 55a Geoff Gentry 35 points
8th 13a Kyle Webster 34 points
9th 97a Robin Thomas 30 points
10th 99m Steve Walling 27 points
11th 66a Peter Knedler 26 points
12th 6k Nepia Anaru 16 points
13th 75a Craig Duthie 8 points

A classy field of Super Stocks was on hand for the night's racing. There were 13 out of towners getting a look at the track before next week-ends City of Sails Super Stock Classic and Auckland Super Stock Championship. In the first heat Kelvin Grey was super fast on the quick track and was holding 62m Neville Stanaway at bay until the oil temperature went way too high and the oil pressure far too low. Kelvin Grey suspected his oil pump in the 46p car was dickey. Stanaway won the opening race from Chris Allen and Robbie Maybe. Kelvin Grey kept going in the second Super Stock heat to win from Stanaway in a 62m car that is superbly fast. Scott Hewson in 35r was third.

Blair Neal took off like a rocket in the feature race for Super Stocks but 337r Darcy Hunter chased him down to take the win. The son of Vic Neal held off Stanaway to finish second with Geoff James (81m) coming home in fourth position.

Modifieds raced in a small field with wins going to Ray Chatfield, Alan Haigh and Jamie Fox.

Streetstocks raced hard and fast, generally the 'wrong' way. 66a Craig McKinney won the first heat but was a target and was more like a spinning top for the other races. Bill Peat and Greg Simpson won the other two races. A fourth race for the Streetstocks saw the win go to Shannon Savage, but the drive of the night was Bill Peat's run to second place as he spun at least six cars during the race without being delayed for too long. Nevano Cowan, back in a Streetstock after racing his Super Stock so far this season was third.

Meeting Six Result Sheet

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