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Official Practice - 01/10/05
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A decent spread of 40 plus racecars were pit side for the practice at Waikaraka Park on October 1, 2005, being the last practice prior to the opening night, which is scheduled for October 8, 2005.

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The track was in excellent condition until the rain arrived and made it undrivable later in the afternoon. Putting all of that to one side, the practice was a complete success.

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The numbers were made up as follows: 13 Stockcars, 2 Super Stocks, 12 Ministocks, 5 Modifieds, 4 Minisprints, 5 Streetstocks, 6 Super Saloons and 2 Saloons, plus 2 Production Saloons (from Huntly) which stayed on their trailers, and a Western Springs midget.


The Stockcars that were on hand testing their machines were good to watch, noticeable mentions being the 82A of John & Donna Carter, looking very smart in pink, it has been dubbed the "Pink Panther", (as it's an ex Palmerston North car), wp_prac2off 003as well as the 3 car Ridland team, comprising of 5A Brad Ridland, 6A Owen Enoka and 15A Jamie Bryant. Other cars that made their first appearances for the season included 71A Dean Mulholland, 158A Daniel Martin, 37A Jim Brock, and 97A Ken Dayberg. Visiting drivers were 8M Scott Fredrickson, and 99H Mark Powell.

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Both the Super Saloons and Saloons also had good runs, with some of the Supers being on the pace straight away off the trailer, in particular the machines of 701A Shane McInteer (in the ex Roydon Collingwood car), 6A Doug Torrey, 21H Steve Williams and 13M Murray Guy (in the ex 33M Paul Carter car).

wp_prac2off 029

All in all, everything went well, opening night is just a few sleeps away! See you there!

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