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Waikaraka Park Opening Meeting - 15/10/05
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Good sized fields across all classes appeared at the 2005/2006 Season Opening at Waikaraka Park on October 15, 2005. There are a lot of cars still yet to make their season debuts; however the numbers produced thus far at Waikaraka Park, look promising for the season.

Everyone was keen as mustard to get their season underway, and the racing was in good spirits with fast, hard racing taking place in all classes, right from the Super Saloons, to the Stockcars, and even the Ministocks, as well as all of the other classes that were in attendance.

Considering the bad weather Auckland received during the week, the track surface held up really well and was excellent all night. Towards the end of the night, the track slicked off, thus ensuring good racing.

First race of the brand new season were the Ministocks. 20 of these young keen racers made their way out onto the track for four races. These guys being keen as mustard in each race a few hits going on in a couple of the races, and even a couple cars having incidents with the wall at some stage as well.  5637
Race wins were shared between 96A Canaan Jordan, 64A Steve Fox (who took two wins, including the feature) and 73A Karl Ross.
Visitors in the Ministock Class were 84M, 98M, 96R and a car numbered 24B.

5562Next on the programme were the Super Saloons. Six of these beasts presented themselves for three exciting races, 22A Kevin Moore was flying and on the pace all night, taking two of the three wins. #8 Tony Cardwell was also flying, recording a 2nd and a 3rd placing on the night, as well as 6A Doug Torrey who took a second and a fourth placing. 5635The newly renumbered 99A of Shane "MACCA" McInteer (who has the ex Roydon Collingwood car, numbered 701 at the practice sessions) took out the feature race from 22A Kevin Moore.

Eleven Streetstocks fronted up for the opening meeting, and as usual these guys were racing well providing entertainment for the crowd on hand. Numbers in this class look promising for Auckland this season. Wins were shared between 66A Craig McKinney, 54A Merv Lewis, and 562588A Logan Young who took the feature. Logan, who's car seemed to be playing up a bit during the night with steam protruding from under the bonnet in Races 2 and 3, seemed to be enjoying himself out there on the track which was good to see! 54A Merv Lewis had a good night in general, as well as his race win in Race 2, he also recorded a 3rd in Race 1 and a 2nd in the feature.

Eight Saloons presented themselves over three races for some good, hard racing over three heats, with wins being shared between 43A and 12A Nevano Cowan 5573(who's car was numbered 20 at the practices) taking out two wins, including the feature. Nevano had a good night, as well as the two wins he also took a 3rd placing in Race 1. 55A Geoff Gentry also had a good night, recording two 2nd placings.

5576Then there were the Stockcars. A field of 17 cars made their way out onto the track for three races, and as usual they were in "mayhem mode!." The first rollover of the new season occurred in Race 2 when 37A Jim Brock got tipped over onto his side in pit bend. Then in the Feature, known stirrer 137K Blu Rawiri got tipped over, also in pit bend, by 34A Mark Wearing! Race wins were shared between the nice purple coloured car of 12A Mike Stanaway, and 5AK Brad Ridland who took two wins, including the feature. 93A Kelly Layton, who is racing the 35A Paul Vazey car of last season appeared to be going very well, recording a 4th in one of the races. As always, the Stockcar class is alive and well in Auckland with many more cars yet to appear. 554571A Dean Mulholland sported a brand new paint job (having been a mid-blue colour at the practice), he turned up with a very nice red paintjob with a silver chassis, and his pit crew dressed in bright Hawaiian shirtsthey completed the look in the pits with a big umbrella where their car was parked!  

5579Modifieds also look very promising in numbers for this season with 8 of the winged warriors showing up on Opening night, and more are yet to appear. Wins were shared out between 11A Jamie Fox, 59A Allan Haigh and 6A Brian Jesen. These three drivers filled the Top 3 all night in different orders - Race 1 being 11A, 59A, 6A, the second race 59A, 11A, 6A, and the Feature being 6A, 11A and 59A. David Gaskin who drives the 113A Modified, is a brand new driver to the sport, and had a good night recording a 4th in Race 2 and a 5th in Race 3. 36A Phil Crumpe started off very well, but unfortunately introduced himself to the wall which in turn hurt the front of his car, however, Phil will be back!

Overall, a very good night considering it was the opening meet. The meeting was well organized, the meeting flowed along nicely and the track surface as mentioned above, was brilliant. Things are looking on the up and up for Waikaraka Park. We take a break for the next couple of weeks, with the next meeting scheduled to be held on November 5th (Guy Fawkes Night). See you there!

* Images by Stas Chistykov.

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