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05/06 Fireworks Meeting
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With dodgy weather surrounding the track & the threat of rain this meeting got under way in front of a swelling crowd.  
70 plus race machines were lined up in the pit area which was a pretty good turn out considering all the Northern tracks were running scheduled meetings.MVC-033 S
Add to this a new freshly laid race surface, racing was going to be interesting.
Classes running were Agrade Stockcars, Std Stockcars, Ministocks, Ltd & Super Saloons, Modifieds, & ATV Quad bikes.

A good field of 18 ministocks presented to race over 2 events with both wins going to car 73a of Karl Ross.

ATV Quad bikes
16 of these machines to race over 3 events with bike #51 of Ross Kiely taking 2 wins & bike #4 taking the feature. 5883

6 Super & 1 ltd Saloon combined to race over 2 events with both wins going to 22a Kevin Moore after wheel to wheel battles with a determined 99a Shane McInteer who finished 2nd in both events.

9 of these winged warriors presented to race over 2 hotly contested events with wins going to 59a Alan Haigh & 11a Jamie Fox.
These guys were hooking up early on the newly laid surface & were really flying around the circuit.

6 Superstocks raced over 2 events, the first race on there own with the win going to 8a Graham Goldsmith & then combining with the Stockcars in the next race & that win going to 73a Bryce Marx.5887
During the first race the 271h car of Blair Neal was going really well until he pulled to the infield suddenly in a thick cloud of smoke not to be seen again for the rest of the night.

Std Stocks
19 of these meddlesome machines made there way trackside to race over 2 events with a win to 137k Blue Rawiri & in the second event they combined with the Superstocks with 73a Bryce Marx taking this one out. 5891
49a Dave Picot went over in the back straight after contact with the other cars & collecting the concrete wall, 6a Owen Enoka also came to an abrupt end for the night when his car was fired up the wall & on coming down it turned left and was collected at speed by I believe 99a who damaged the left front of the 6a car.  

The Fireworks display later in the programme was spectacular and was warmly received by the excited crowd who were also enjoying the fireworks on the track as well.  5906One of the nice touches throughout the racing I thought was when the winners went around with the chequered flag they stopped & gave the flag to a youngster down in cemetery bend just in front of where I was standing.

The meeting was called early as the threatening rain was about to start dumping its  contents on the track and the people as well, I believe as the rain fell it would cut up the track if racing continued & with the stockcar classic the following weekend we didn't need that as we need the track with its new surface in tip top condition for that event.  

Putting it all in prospective the meeting went off well as all racing was in good spirit and the good sized crowd enjoyed both the racing & the Fireworks display.  
Congratulations to all winners but your all winners for just competing.
Overall this was a good meeting, thanks to Frank & his dedicated crew for staging this meeting.  5933

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