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NZ Super Saloon Grand Prix
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For this the first meeting of the New Year 2006, Super Saloons were the main draw card as we had the above mentioned event being fought out by 25 cars attending from all around the country, this was a star studded field indeed.
With fine weather overhead & a big crowd in for this one we all knew we were in for a good nights racing.

Classes running were Super Saloons, Stockcars, Minisprints, Streetstocks, & Solo Bikes.

14 of these meddlesome machines presented to race over 4 events with 3 wins to 12a Mark McNabb & the feature to 54a Merv Lewis, stirring right the outset here with 66a Craig McKinney & 27a Steve Beale to name a couple being right in the thick of it

20 of the stirrers presented to race over 3 events with 1 win to 66a Peter Church & 2 wins including the feature to 89a Tony [Red] Gavin, it was a case of survival here as all cars were having a go at each other which made it entertaining for the big crowd on hand.

17 of these racecars were on hand to race over 3 events with wins shared between 2nz Shaun Cooke, 31a Neville McNabb, & the feature to 71k Mark Edwards, hard racing here with no single driver giving an inch.

Solo Bikes:
The Solo bikes were also on hand to compete in the Ssangyong Solo bike series Round 6 over 4 heats & a feature with bike No 1 taking 1 win & bike No 4 taking 4 wins including the feature, sorry I never got the names of the riders.

Super Saloons - 2005/2006 NZ Super Saloon Grand Prix

25 of these fire breathing monsters presented to race in 2 groups over 2 heats in each group to determine who would qualify fro the 20 Lap Grand Prix Final later in the evening.

Cars presenting were 1nz, 2nz, 3nz, 8m, 66c [6c], 16a, 34t, 8h, 25h, 36a, 4a, 38a, 67s, 26a, 91a, 58c, 42a, 24h, 241w [24w], 27c, 12n, 13m, 17c, 6a, & 9w.

This racing was furious wheel to wheel racing all night as all drivers were going hard out to gain maximum points trying to qualify for the final & get top grid positions in the process.

Group One:
Heat 1: 1st 8m, 2nd 241w, 3rd 4a, 4th 34t, 5th 1nz.
Heat 2:  1st 27c, 2nd 34t, 3dr 58c, 4th 1nz, 5th 6a.

Group Two:
Heat 1: 1st 2nz, 2nd 66c, 3rd 38a, 4th 17c, 5th 26a.
Heat 2: 1st 67s, 2nd 8h, 3rd 38a, 4th 17c, 5th 12n.

After all the points had been sorted out we had our qualifiers & they were:  
34t, 6a, 67s, 38a, 26a, 24h, 1nz, 27c, 58c, 241w, 12n, 8m, 4a, 66c, 13m, 17c, 2nz, 9w, 8h, & 91a.
So now we had the 20 lap mad dash for the NZ Super Saloon GP & no one was disappointed as all of these drivers put on a superb display of power, foot through the floor driving going after this title & in one of the closest finishes in a long time 67s Richard Pierce was given 1st place & the 2006 NZ Super Saloon Grand Prix.

The top 4 finishers were:

1st: 67s Richard Pierce
2nd: 38a Peter Hemi
3rd: 34t Ray Stewart
4th: 1nz Steve Williams

This meeting turned out to be a beauty and if you weren't there you will never know what you missed out on, all racing was hard & fast & in good spirit.
Congratulations to all winners but you know us your all winners for just competing.
To all visitors have a safe trip back to your home regions & we hope to see you all back sometime in the near future.
Thank you to Frank Irvine & his dedicated crew for staging this meeting, I don't think anyone went away disappointed.

Next Week is the Tournament of Destruction over 2 nights. A must for anyone who thrives on Derby action and carnage, make sure you check this event out, you won't be disappointed!

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