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Mad Butcher Demolition Derby
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Mad Butcher Demolition Derby Night
January 21, 2006
Waikaraka Park.

Beautiful fine weather overhead and a big crowed were on hand to witness this meeting, classes racing were Stockcars, Modifieds, Saloons, Streetstocks, and Jalopies, with the ever-popular Mad Butcher Sponsored Demolition Derby to round off the meeting.


15 of these machines presented to race over three trouble-making heats with 12A Mark McNabb winning three from three! This was a good lead up to his assault on the NZ Streetstock Championships in the upcoming weeks in Invercargill. 54A Merv Lewis was also on good form as well. 45A Bill Peat was sidelined after the second heat due to mechanical problems.

8 Saloons presented to race over three heats, with 2 wins going to 61A Roy Walker, and the feature win going to 58A Gavin Hinsley. There were two visitors, being 22M and 79M, on hand to race with the locals.  

10 Modifieds presented to race over 3 wickedly fast heats. These guys were really flying with 11A Jamie Fox & 2NZ Allan Haigh, along with 56A Paul Blakeley & 6A Brian Jesen scorching around the track with 22R Glenn Lloyd. One win went to 2NZ Allan Haigh, and the other two wins including the feature, went to 11A Jamie Fox. 36A Phil Crumpe had a good night, driving well and finishing all three races. 22R Glenn Lloyd was also going well in the races.

The Jalopies were split into two groups of two heats for 7 lap non contact racing, before they brought them back out again later to destroy themselves in the Demolition Derby.

20 Stockcars, plus 2 Superstocks were on hand to race over 3 events, with wins to 64A Carlos Chesnutt, 168A Billy Neill, and the feature win going to 93A Kelly Layton! (Well done Kelz!). The Stockcars turned it on right from the get go, doing what they do well and stirring things up all night, with a few big hits in their races. There was a multi-car pileup in Cemetery bend, 82A Donna Carter took a big hit which resulted in a rather bent right siderail, Donna was fine and had a big smile on her face after the race, despite the damage! Good on ya Donna. The two Superstocks in attendance were 36A Ricky Mitchell, and 5A Brad Ridland who was debuting his new Superstock.

Demolition Derby:
60 cars made their way trackside to smash and bash their way around the track in what could only be called motorized chaos. There were bits and pieces and broken cars all over the track as these drivers drove with a never-say-die attitude, in the end it was car #91A, the Volvo, who took the chequered flag.

This was a good meeting in which everyone went away satisfied. All racing was clean, hard and in good spirit. Congratulations to all winners although as you know by now, everyone who competes is a winner just for taking part.
To all visitors, have a safe trip back to your home regions.

Next week is the Speedway Spectacular, which features Super Stocks,
Super Saloons, Modifieds, Saloons, Solos and Youth Ministocks. This will be a good meeting, as we are expecting a decent field of Superstocks who wish to get some extra track time in before the NZ Superstock Championships on February 4 & 5, 2006.

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All pictures by Stas Chistochov.

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