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Auckland Stockcar & Ministock Champs
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Cool & breezy conditions overhead greeted competitors & the crowd on hand for the above mentioned events to be run at this meeting, also supporting were Super Saloons & a Waikato versus Auckland Sidecar challenge.

Super Saloons:
13 cars presented made up of 11 Supers & 2 Ltd Saloons presented to race over 4 events with wins shared between 3nz Lance Jennings with 2 & 58a Gavin Hinsley & 9a Steve Louden taking 1 win each.
The most action came in the third heat when 99a, 16a, & 6a came together on the front straight with the 99 car being towed to the infield with what appeared to be quite a bit of damage.

4 units fronted to race over 3 heats in a Waikato versus Auckland Challenge with the units being numbered 8 & 6 for Waikato & 1 & 2 for Auckland with the Waikato number 8 unit taking a clean sweep winning all 3 heats so taking the challenge for Waikato. I believe the final score was 13-5 to Waikato.

Ministocks Auckland Championship:
23 of these junior racers fronted to compete for their local Auckland Championship, raced over 3heats for points this racing was close with all the usual spinning & contact where they couldn't stop in time to avoid each other, wins were shared between 15a Cam Young taking 1 win, & 73a Karl Ross taking 2 wins. To round it all off we had a runoff for 2nd & 3rd between 16a Chloe Corban & 65a Adam Mills with the 16 car having too many guns & taking the runoff and 2nd place overall with 65a coming home in 3rd place overall.

2006 Auckland Ministock Championship:
1st: 73a Karl Ross
2nd: 16a Chloe Corban
3rd: 65a Adam Mills

There was also an extra race run for these racers with 56a Aidan Eustace taking the win which rounded out their nights racing.

Auckland Stockcar Championship:
26 of these menacing machines made their way out onto the track to race over 3 trouble making heats, with entertainers money up for grabs one knew that it would be right on from the get go & it was as during the 3 heats we had 117a up high & dry on the cemetery bend wall in heat 1, and 5K Brad Ridland also got put up the wall. A total of 4 rollovers during the 3 heats & they were 158a Daniel Martin, 69a Richard Fletcher, 24a Jonathon Lauder, & 5k Brad Ridland, aggression was the name of the game. All drivers that rolled were fine.

Heat winners were 34a Mark Wearing, 168a Billy Neill, & 64a Carlos Chesnutt.
When all the dust had settled & all points were clarified we had our podium finishers & they were:  

2006 Auckland Stockcar Championship:
1st: 64a Carlos Chesnutt
2nd: 71a Dean Mulholland
3rd: 8m Scott Fredickson

This racing was very entertaining indeed with the entertainers award going the way of 24a Jonathon Lauder who was straight into the stirring from the first heat flag drop.


With only 4 classes running the Super Saloons & especially the Stockcars turned up the heat entertainment wise as all racing was hard, fast & in good spirit.
Congratulations to all winners but you know us your all winners for just competing.
Thank you to Frank Irvine & his dedicated crew for presenting this good meeting as no one went home disappointed after the evenings racing.

Auck Stockcar Champs

05/06 Auckland Stockcar Champs: L-R 24A Jonathan Lauder (Stirrers), 3rd 8M Scott Fredrickson, 1st 64A Carlos Chesnutt, 2nd 71A Dean Mulholland.

Auck Ministock Champs

05/06 Auckland Ministock Champs: L-R: 3rd 65A Adam Mills, 2nd 16A Chloe Corban, 1st 73A Karl Ross.

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