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Superstock Team Nationals Full Review
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2006 Superstock Team Nationals
10th & 11th March 2006
Waikaraka Park , Auckland.

Night One Qualifying:

Having fine but cool weather overhead & a good sized crowd in the 2006 Team Nationals got underway with a Grand Parade of all Team cars & drivers who were on hand to contest this title also supporting were Super Saloons & Ltd Saloons combined, Sidecars contesting the Mark Goodyer Memorial Trophy & Minisprints contesting the Final Round of their 3n5 Wallboards series.  

The teams taking part in the Team Nationals are:  

Auckland Allstars
Palmerston North Panthers
Waikato Wanderers
Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes
Rotorua Rebels
Kihikihi Kings
North Island Select
Wanganui Select

8 Ltd & 7 Super Saloons combined to race over 3 events with the Supers being handicapped behind the Ltd saloon, wins were shared between 10h Bryce Louden taking 1 win & 58a Gavin Hinsley taking 2 wins including the feature, this racing was good to watch as the Supers stormed back through the field making up their handicaps, the most impressive car was the 99a car of Shane McInteer as he just about turned his car inside out taking different lines & going right round the outside of the other cars he was really on a mission.

Minisprints 3n5 Wallboards Series:
13 of these racecars were on hand to contest the Final Round of the 3n5 Wallboards series, having 1nz, 2nz, & 3nz all racing it made the series final all that closer with wins shared between 46h Chip Humble, 2nz Mark Edwards & 1nz Shaun Cooke.

The overall series top 3 were:
3n5 Wallboards Series:
1st 2nz Mark Edwards
2nd 31a Neville McNabb
3rd 3nz Andrew Edwards.

Sidecars Mark Goodyer Memorial Trophy:
5 units presented to race over 3 heats & a trophy final to see who would take out this memorial trophy with all races taken by the 21k combination, race 2 was called after a nasty spill on the back straight saw both rider & swinger taken to hospital for treatment [we all hope they are okay] & when the Mark Goodyer Memorial Final was raced it was 21k taking the win with 39a coming home 2nd & 69k coming home 3rd , good racing guys.

2006 Superstock Team Nationals Qualifying:  8 teams going head to head to see who would go through to the Saturday night semis & finals.

Round 1:

Race one was between the Palmerston North Panthers Versus the Kihikihi Kings, Palmy had 6p [2nz] Wayne Hemi as reserve for this one & before the race even started 25k Rick Taylor was on the infield with a problem so Kihikihi were down to 3 cars & when the flag dropped it was all on, Palmy should have had it in the bag but the Kings had that never say die approach, 3 versus 4 is not good odds in team racing but using first across the line format worked & in an incredible upset the Kings took the win with 27k Tony Wootton taking the win & did the crowd go crazy or what.

Race 2 had the North Island Select up against a Wanganui Select, this was basically a race of the minnows with not a lot really happening but good on them for having a go as they were basically put together at the last minute but when the chequered flag fell it was 36a Ricky Mitchell taking the win for the Wanganui Select with 91r [9r] Anthony Brown coming home 2nd for the North Island Select team.

Race 3 had the Rotorua Rebels against the Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes in which should have been a real toughie for both teams but early casualties for the Hawkeyes meant the advantage swung towards Rotorua which they held to the finish with 119r Kerry Remnant taking the win & 66r Steve Hampton taking 2nd, these were the only 2 finishers as all the Hawkeyes were non finishers mechanical problems.

Race 4 had the Waikato Wanderers against the Auckland Allstars in the last race of the first round in which was a rematch of last seasons final where pride was at stake as well being a battle of the Bombay Hills, this was a toughie with hit & counter hit but when the chequered flag fell it was 5a Warwick Ansty taking the win from 28h Glenn Drabble.
So we had our first round winners & they were: Kihikihi, Wanganui Select, Rotorua, & Auckland.

Round 2:  

First up was Palmerston North against the North Island Select, this was an interesting race as Palmy were soon down to 1 car it was the shear power & skill of 6p[2nz] Wayne Hemi that got the Panthers through this race with the only other recorded finisher being 91r [9r] Anthony Brown for the Select team.

Next up was the Kihikihi Kings against the Wanganui Select, this was another race of hit & counter hit with a place in the semis at stake but when the chequered flag fell it was team skipper 28k Grant Mytton taking the win from team mate 25k Rick Taylor & 99a Mark Decke coming home 3rd for the Wanganui Select.

Next up we had the Waikato Wanderers against the Hawkeyes & another rematch from Palmy & it was a beauty as there was pride at stake again, there were no prisoners taken here & when the chequered flag fell it was 28h Glenn Drabble taking the win from 33b Nigel Cooper & 35b John Hynd finishing 3rd, so Waikato lives again & goes into the next round.

Last race of the night we had Rotorua Rebels against the Auckland Allstars & this was a nail biter as the lead continually changed with no driver giving an inch to each other but when the chequered flag fell it was 119r Kerry Remnant who took the win for Rotorua with 66r Steve Hampton coming home 2nd & 73a Bryce Marx home 3rd in what was a tight race.

So with 2 rounds over we have the Rebels & the Kings straight through to the semis & the rest fight out the other 2 positions on Saturday night so its time to get all the cars repaired & set for Saturday and so ends Night 1 Qualifying!

Night Two Finals:

Having fine weather overhead & a big crowd in for race time everyone knew that we were in for a huge nights racing, the pits were full of racecars ready to strut their stuff, on the evenings programme we had Superstock Team racing, Saloons, Sidecars, Modifieds & Stockcars.

14 of these racecars presented to race over 2 events with wins shared between 9a Steve Louden & 58a Gavin Hinsley, this racing was wheel to wheel with no driver giving an inch to each other, the 9a car was the most exciting going around the outside as it stormed through the field.

4 units presented to race over 2 events wins shared between 21k & 39a, these guys are always exciting to watch as they hurl their machines around the track with reckless abandon, good racing guys.

12 of these winged warriors presented to race over 2 events & they were really flying as they tore around the track with wins shared between 2nz Alan Haigh & 11a Jamie Fox, during their racing 56a Paul Blakeley had a huge tumble coming down the start finish straight coming to rest next to the starters flag station, the car looked a little sad but Paul was out of the car straight away & was OK.

17 of these trouble making machines presented to race over 3 events with wins shared between 168a Billy Neill taking 2 wins & 34a Mark Wearing taking the feature, all the usual stirring going on here as in race 3 the 158a car of Daniel Martin was rolled by the 84b car of Mike McLachlan in turn 3, there were hits going in all over the place with all the regular stirrers getting involved.

Teams Racing:

The first teams race was between the Panthers & the Allstars, this one was going to be tough for both teams as a place in the semis was at stake so both teams went at it from the flag drop, the Panthers danger men were 15p Peter Rees & 6p Wayne Hemi. It was the 6p car that took the race by the throat & ripped through the race to take the win with 5a Warwick Ansty coming home second followed by 11a Garry Ellis & 43a [43p] Darryl Hammond but 6p Wayne Hemi being the only Palmy finisher had done enough, and the Panthers were in the semi finals.

Next up we had the Wanganui Select up against the Waikato Wanderers, this race was an even affair with a place in the semis here as well so it was all on from the flag drop as both teams crashed and bashed there way through 12 tough laps with 99a Mark Decke taking the chequered flag for the Wanganui Select so into the semis they went and now we had our semifinal teams:

Semi final 1 would see the Kihikihi Kings taking on the Palmerston North Panthers and Semi final 2 would see the Wanganui Select going head to head with the Rotorua Rebels.

But before all of that we had the runoff for 7th & 8th place between the Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes & the North Island Select, this was a race for pride as neither team wanted to finish last in the series so head to head they went with no prisoners being taken here & when the chequered flag fell, it was 33b Nigel Cooper taking the win for the Hawkeyes coming home 2nd was 166r Bryce Steiner & 35b stirrer John Hynd coming home in 3rd place.

Next up we had our first semi final with the Panthers going head to head with the Kings, this was going to be hard as the Panthers were starting a charge toward the finals & hard it was as once again 6p [2nz] Wayne Hemi came in for plenty of attention as he was the man to stop from Palmy & he was really flying in his Red/Black Waka & at one stage he picked up the 27k car of Tony Wootton & fired it into the turn 3 wall at full noise & that's where the 27k car stayed [that must have hurt as he went in hard] so that was one of the main Kings cars out, Wayne was on a mission & it was a pleasure to watch him in action but when the chequered flag fell it was 15p Peter Rees taking the chequered flag & the Panthers were in the Final, who would they meet?

Semifinal 2 had the Wanganui Select going head to head with the Rotorua Rebels, this unfortunately finished up being one way traffic as Rotorua just took the Wanganui team apart as they had no finishers with 66r Steve Hampton taking the chequered flag for Rotorua with 119r Kerry Remnant coming home 2nd & 52r Mike Herbert home 3rd, so now we had our Finals teams.

The Grand Final would see Rotorua going head to head with Palmerston North.

Now the race for 5th & 6th which would see the Wanderers up against arch rivals the Allstars, this was also a race for pride as both teams wanted 5th place so it was all on from the start as both teams took it to each other as they smashed their way through 12 grueling laps but when the chequered flag fell it was 11a Gary Ellis taking the win for the Allstars with 28h Glen Drabble coming home 2nd for Waikato but to little to late the Allstars had the win & 5th overall.

Runoff for 3rd & 4th had the Kihikihi Kings going head to head with the Wanganui Select, this was a tough race for both teams, the first casualty was when 71a Dean Mulholland nailed race leader 24k Ryan Johnson up the wall and held him there for the rest of the race, after that the Kings seemed to lose their way a little although in all fairness both teams gave it their all.  When the chequered flag fell it was 28K Grant Mytton who took the flag, however it wasn't over just yet! Wanganui protested the result due to 28K cutting the pole line and using it to his advantage, and in the end Wanganui won their protest. So in the end, it was 17v Rick Campbell taking the win for Wanganui according to the official results sheet, with team mate 5a Scott Fredrickson home 2nd & 25k Rick Taylor home 3rd so Wanganui finished 3rd overall.

2006 Teams Nationals Grand Final:

This was going to be huge as both the Rebels & the Panthers wanted this one, and there was going to no backing off here as when the green flag fell it was all on and once again 6p Wayne Hemi was the Rotorua target but Wayne was on a charge and he wasn't going to be stopped easily, but stop him in the end the Rebels did, as both teams set out taking each other apart, there were no prisoners taken here by either team, this was brutal but when the chequered flag fell it was 15p Peter Rees slipping through to take the chequered flag for a very well deserved Panthers win [Good on you guys, Well Done] Rotorua came home 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th with that bloke Wayne Hemi coming home 6th after copping continual treatment all race long.

Once the dust settled, we had our new Teams Champions and they are the Palmerston North Panthers.  

In finishing order the teams are:  
1st: Palmerston North Panthers
2nd: Rotorua Rebels
3rd: Wanganui Select
4th: KihiKihi Kings
5th: Auckland Allstars
6th: Waikato Wanderers
7th: Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes
8th: North Island Select

The teams presenting were:

Hawkes Bay Hawkeyes: 31b Jason O'Brien, 32b Ian Barron, 33b Nigel Cooper, 34b Mike McLachlan, 35b John Hynd.

Wanganui Select: 17v Rick Campbell, 36a Ricky Mitchell, 99a Mark Decke, 71a Dean Mulholland, 5a Scott Fredrickson.

Waikato Wanderers: 88h Dave Roigard, 23h Lance Ashton, 28h Glenn Drabble, 86h Scott Redfern, 18h Lionel Penn.

North Island Select: 166r Bryce Steiner, 91r [9r] Anthony Brown, 68r Peter Fleming, 74a Craig Chatfield, 37a Jonathon Lauder.

Auckland Allstars:  4a Paul Vazey, 11a Gary Ellis, 43a [43p] Darryl Hammond, 73a Bryce Marx, 414a Warwick Ansty.

Rotorua Rebels: 119r Kerry Remnant, 22r Wayne Talbot, 66r Steve Hampton, 52r Mike Herbert, 38r Ross Ashby.

Kihikihi Kings: 24k Ryan Johnson, 25k Rick Taylor, 27k Tony Wootton, 28k Grant Mytton, 29k Marty Brandt.

Palmerston North Panthers: 15p [5p] Peter Rees, 6p [2nz] Wayne Hemi, 7p Brett Hyslop, 8p Craig Humphries, 9p Graeme Ward.

palmerston north panthers

1st Place : Palmerston North Panthers.

rotorua rebels

2nd Place : Rotorua Rebels


3rd Place : Wanganui Warriors

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