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Modified Dirt Cup
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2006 Pacific Urethanes Modified Super Dirt Cup
March 17 & 18, 2006.  
Waikaraka Park,  Auckland.

Having Pacific Urethanes won the naming rights for this highly sought after Trophy & beautiful fine weather overhead this meeting got underway in front of an excited crowd.
Being a 2 night affair the first night was the Qualifying for the field of 29 cars whom had converged on Auckland from throughout the whole country including entries from the South Island.

Modified racing was the main draw card at this meeting with support classes being Streetstocks, Saloons & Ministocks.

Before the meeting got underway there was a minutes silence to mark the passing of ex 48a Stockcar driver Jim Daly who passed away mid week R.I.P Jim.

26 of these junior racers presented to race over 4 events with wins shared between 7a, Sarah Drake, 6a Bruce Petherick, 73a Karl Ross & 64a Steve Fox, these young racers give it their all each time they race.

12 of these meddlesome machines presented to race over 3 events with 1 win to 45a Bill Peat & 2 wins to 10a Phil Morrison, the standout stirrer in the nights racing was 85a Shannon Savage with his mischief making antics, also 51a Shane Gerrand has some work to do on his car after heavy contact with the concrete wall.

14 of these machines presented to race over 3 events with wins to 43a Aaron Tonks, 101h [10h] Bryce Louden & the feature to 58a Gavin Hinsley, these guys raced wheel to wheel all night with very close racing as none of the drivers gave an inch to each other.

2006 Modified Dirt Cup Qualifying
29 cars split into 2 groups raced over 3 heats each to gain as many points as they could hoping to make the twenty car field which would comprise of 15 through on qualifying night & 5 going through from the repercharge on night 2.

Group 1
Heat 1: 1st 11a, 2nd 33a, 3rd 78a, 4th 56a, 5th 9w.
Heat 2: 1st 4s, 2nd 66a, 3rd 2nz, 4th 55s, 5th 11a.
Heat 3:1st 9w, 2nd 11a, 3rd 22r, 4th 2nz, 5th 7gm.

Group 2
Heat1: 1st 19r, 2nd 6a, 3rd 77s, 4th 3nz, 5th 10s.
Heat 2: 1st 77s, 2nd 1nz, 3rd 19r, 4th 84c, 5th 3nz.
Heat 3: 1st 3nz, 2nd 77s, 3rd 84c, 4th 19r, 5th 1nz.

After all the results & points had been checked we had our Qualifiers for Finals night on Saturday night & they are.
11a, 2nz, 9w, 4s, 22r, 78a, 55s, 56a, 77s, 19r, 3nz, 84c, 1nz, 6a, & 10s plus 5 more to go through from the repercharge on Saturday night.
The only casualty was 17h Dean Martin who rolled in turn 3 during heat 3 group 2 qualifying otherwise we had a superb nights racing on a track that was in tip top condition.

Time for some shuteye & all back tomorrow being Saturday for the Finals night action.

Saturday Night Finals
Having fine weather overhead & a good sized crowd in early we al knew that it was going to be a good nights racing ahead, scheduled on the evenings programme were the 2006 Modified Dirt Cup Finals along with Modified consolations for the non qualifiers, also supporting were Stockcars, ATV quad bikes, Super Saloons & the Midgets from Springs Speedway.
First up was the Repercharge to find out who would be the 5 cars going through to the Finals to join the 15 other cars already there waiting to race, this race was a do or die for all contesting it & when the chequered flag fell it was 69a home first, the next 4 being 66a, 33a, 7gm, & 16r, the 71s car tried a semi wall of death act in a last ditch attempt to grab the last qualifiying position but he came up short & finished sixth hard up against the cemetery bend wall but he did return for the consolation races.

Cars in the repercharge were 89a, 36a, 99a, 29a, 16r, 71s, 97h, 69a, 33a, 31a, 66a, 7gm, 8a & 38a.

Super Saloons
11 supers presented to race over 3 events in wheel to wheel racing as they charged around the track, this racing was good to watch with wins shared between 99a Shane McInteer, 8h Tony Cardwell, & 38a Peter Hemi taking the feature.

ATV Quad bikes
11 of these machines presented to race over 3 events with 1 win to bike 4 & 2 wins to bike 5.

8 stockcars presented to race over 3 events in a hit to pass format, the first 2 race wins were shared between 45a Daniel Knight & 158a Daniel Martin, the feature was turned into a 3 against 3 team race with 71a pedaled by (I believe) Murray Kitt taking the chequered flag followed home by 45a, 24a, 86a & 158a.

Modified Consolation Races
6 cars presented to race over 1 event with the win going to 29a Mark Wade, coming home 2nd was 38a Brian Campbell & 3rd was 31a Mike Perewiti, only 3 cars completed the race.

Cars presenting were 38a, 71s, 97h, 29a, 31a, & 99a.

16 of the Springs Speedway Midgets presented to race over 2 events with wins shared between Graham Standring driving #3, and #81 driven by Michael Kendall, all of these drivers gave it their all as they whipped around the track in spectacular fashion.
The cars presenting were 91, 3, 77, 6, 18k, 32, 88, 12, 81, 67, 49, 16, 66, 19, 119, & 18a.
Due to time constraints their feature race didn't take place.

2006 Pacific Urethanes Modified Dirt Cup Finals.

20 of the countries top Modified drivers presented to fight out this highly sought after title, before they had their first heat all of the cars and drivers lined up on the infield so the crowd on hand got there first look at their favorite car and driver, also each driver was interviewed by multi championship winner Roger Bertram and asked to pick a trophy as each trophy had a grid draw number in it - that is where they would start in Final heat 1, this made things very interesting indeed, so after a short break they all came out again to race the first final heat.

The racing throughout the final series was huge as these winged warriors fired themselves around the track with reckless abandon, they were really flying all going hard out to get as close to the front as possible so they could secure a good grid position in the 25 lap Modified Dirt Cup Final.

The action was all on as 1nz Tony Galbraith rolled in heat 1 in turn 3 but returned for heat 2 starting near the back of the field.

Heat results leading to the Grand Final were:

Heat 1: 1st 6a, 2nd 2nz, 3rd 11a, 4th 84c, 5th 9w, 6th 19r, 7th 55s
Heat 2: 1st 11a, 2nd 19r, 3rd 56a, 4th 9w, 5th 3nz, 6th 1nz, 7th 22r.

This set up a huge Final as 11a Jamie Fox would be going off pole but he decided to go off the outside of the front row.

These drivers took off & thundered their way around the track in what can only be called a 25 lap mad scramble, this was a race of attrition as many of the cars finished up not finishing the race, the main casualties being 3nz Cliff Frost who rolled in turn 3 & 84c Natasha Rodgers who made contact with another car on the front straight & was taken to the infield on the tow hook, with the 7gm car of Steven Thompson being a non starter meant it wasn't a good final for the South Island, in saying that all drivers gave it their all in what turned out to be a spectacular Final but with 11a Jamie Fox going off the front it was going to be a hard ask for anyone to pass him as he was on red hot form, but when the chequered flag finally dropped it was 11a Jamie Fox taking the win from 6a Brian Jesen & 66a Chris Picknell coming home third.

2006 Modified Dirt Cup top 9 were:

1st: 11a Jamie Fox
2nd: 6a Brian Jesen
3rd: 66a Chris Picknell
4th: 56a Paul Blakeley
5th: 1nz Tony Galbraith
6th: 55s Paul Ward
7th: 69a Hayden Scheiffer
8th: 10s Willie Noonan
9th: 16r Wayne West.
10th: 33a Chris Drube

The Finals field was made up of 11a, 2nz, 9w, 4s, 22r, 78a, 55s, 56a, 77s, 19r, 3nz, 84c, 1nz, 6a, 10s, 69a, 66a, 33a, 7gm, & 16r.

This meeting turned out to be a cracker, 2 nights of full out racing in front of a very appreciative crowd, all racing was close & in good spirit.
Congratulations to all winners but you know us your all winners for just competing.
To all visitors to this meeting have a safe journey back to your home regions & thank you for coming to Waikaraka Park.
To all involved in staging this meeting thank you all very much.

Below: Short blurbs + pictures.

Night 2:
Foxy A Class Act

It was the newly crowned North Island Modified Champion Jamie Fox in 11A who emerged victorious at the end of the racing on Saturday Night, 18 March 2006.
Jamie is the 2006 Pacific Urethanes Modified Dirt Cup Winner. A well deserved win, Jamie was on form the whole weekend and was spectacular to watch. In second place, was 6A Brian Jesen, and in third was 66A Chris Picknell. Nine cars finished the 25 lap final out of the initial 20 that started. The rest of the finishers were in this order: 4th 56A Paul Blakeley, 5th 1NZ Tony Galbraith, 6th 55S Paul Ward, 7th 69A Hayden Scheiffer, 8th 10S Willie Noonan and 9th 16R Wayne West.

The 5 cars who qualified through the repercharge were: 69A Hayden Scheiffer, 66A Chris Picknell, 33A Chris Drube, 7GM Steven Thompson, and 16R Wayne West.

Dirt Cup Winners

Modified Dirt Cup Winners: L-R: 2nd 6A Brian Jesen, 1st 11A Jamie Fox, 3rd 66A Chris Picknell.  

Foxywith Car

Jamie Fox with his car, 11A Modified.

Midget Presentation

Midget Presentation: L-R 3rd Brad Mosen, 1st Michael Kendall, 2nd Graham Standring.

Night 1: Qualifying

Racing was hard, fast and spectacular in the Modified class at Waikaraka Park tonight. Some great racing took place, with more of the same to be expected tonight on finals night (18/03/06). 15 of the 20 qualifiers were found, the last 5 will be found in the Repercharge.

I understand that there was meant to be a run-off between 55S Paul Ward and 56A Paul Blakeley in Group 1, as they were tied on points, but both went through therefore making 15 qualifiers, and the final three spots are to be fought out in the Repercharge. Good Luck to all competitors in this race!

Group 1 Qualifiers:

11a = Jamie Fox
2nz = Allan Haigh
9w = Tama Arapere
4s = Mark Dixon
22r = Glen Lloyd
78a = Ray Chatfield
55s = Paul Ward
56a = Paul Blakeley

Group 2 Qualifiers:

77s = Craig Ward
19r = Scott Lane
3nz = Cliff Frost
84c = Natasha Rogers
1nz = Tony Galbraith
6a = Brian Jesen
10s = Willie Noonan

Track Breakdown:

A: 5, H: 1, R: 2, S: 4, W: 1, N: 1, C: 1.

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