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John Webster Memorial Meeting
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Under threatening skies & a shower of rain just prior to race start the 2006 John Webster Memorial Meeting got underway in front of a good sized crowd, this is the annual meeting where the combined codes race side by side in honour of the Late John Webster.
On the race programme were Stockcars, Modifieds, Ltd Saloons, Super Saloons, Ministocks, & from Springs Speedway we had the TQ Midgets & the Midgets, with this line up of quality machinery we all knew we were in for a magic nights racing but before the racing started because of the shower of rain the wide wheeled cars came out to do a wheel pack which left a good surface to race on..

17 of these cars presented to race over 3 events with wins shared between 12a Nevano Cowan, 5m Brent McClymont, & the feature in a very hard fought race to 58a Gavin Hinsley, these drivers went toe to toe all night with nobody giving an inch.
Cars presenting were 58a, 8a, 48a, 82m, 43a, 10a, 76a, 57a, 18h [8h], 5m, 63a, 101h [10h], 17m, 9a, 11h, 12a, & 23a.

Around 20 of these junior racers presented to race over 3 events with wins shared between 11a Carl Hodge, 64a Steve Fox, & the feature to 16a Chloe Corban, these young drivers give it their all every time they come out to race with all of them hoping for the elusive chequered flag.
Cars presenting were 63a, 12a, 46a, 16a, 8h, 6a, 64a, 34a, 56a, 77a, 57a,4h, 88a, 10a, 11a, 33a, 23a, 36a, 8a, & 73a.

11 of these winged warriors presented to race over 3 events with wins shared between 78a Ray Chatfield & 11a Jamie Fox with 2 wins including the feature, this race being a classic wheel to wheel shoot out between 11a & 2nz Allan Haigh with the 11a car coming out on top.
Cars presenting were 33a, 2nz, 1nz, 11a, 6a, 99a, 8a, 78a, 56a, 38a, & 22r.

TQ Midgets
A good field of these machines presented to race over 3 closely fought events with wins shared between 9a Ross Holton & 2 wins including the feature to 15a Lawrence Baker, these drivers were relishing the track conditions as they were getting plenty of drive from the surface.
Cars presenting were 5, 9, 26, 15, 8, 88, 36, 29, 72, 4, 92, 10, & 24?.

Super Saloons
12 of these fire breathing monsters presented to race over 3 hard fought events with all 3 races being taken by 38a Peter Hemi but not before fighting off determined challenges from 3nz Lance Jennings, 68s Murray Pierce & 67s Bunter Pierce, these 4 drivers were going wheel to wheel all night which made their racing the more spectacular to watch.
Cars presenting were 7a, 99a, 3nz, 98a, 36a, 5a, 45a, 67s, 68s, 38a, 16a, & 25h.
Car 16a did a semi wall of death act by sliding himself up the wall in turn 3 & being stuck there until he could be removed under the caution light.

20 of these trouble making machines presented to race over 3 events with wins being shared between 45a Daniel Knight, 14a CJ Chesnutt & the feature to 86a Scott Ward Phipps? .when these cars appear on the track the antics start with stirring going on all night, the end result being 12a Mike Stanaway going over in pit turn corner during their feature race which really got the crowd going, one must admit not many cars finished the feature event due to all the stirring going on.
Cars presenting were 81a, 99a, 93a, 168a, 86a, 83a, 158a, 49a, 69a, 24a, 31m, 13a, 441a, 82a, 34a, 43a, 64a, 45a, 12a, & 14a.

Around 20 of these high powered machines presented to race over 3 events with the wins shared between 3a Graham Standring, 77a Shaun Insley & the feature to 1nz Carl Worboys, these cars ripped around the track wheel to wheel all night in very fast close racing , the 25a car of Scott Buckley took a liking to the cemetery bend wall managing to tip himself over twice in 3 races with what looked like no major damage ,one must admit the speed these drivers are traveling at any roll over etc looks really spectacular as these drivers are flying, there was another flip as well in pit turn which also was spectacular but I didn't get the car number, the Midgets always put on a good show when they race at Waikaraka Park.
Cars presenting were numbers 18, 12, 119, 71, 6, 1nz, 3, 19, 84, 77, 81, 88, 10, 74, 58, 25, 17, 32, 49, 91, 66, & 61?

If I have missed any car numbers during this review I do apologise for that as I was writing down the numbers as they went around the track from the top of the grandstand.

This meeting turned out to be a cracker with good sized fields all night, the racing was   fast, clean & in good spirit, congratulations to all winners but you are all winners for just competing.
Many thanks to all involved in staging this meeting, speedway was the overall winner here, the Late John Webster would have been very proud of  the racing here tonight, thank you all for coming & all have a safe trip back to your home regions.

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